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Forum posts
Cloud9/TenZ problem
yikes. relative to wat? how does that statement even make sense dimensionally? stop tryin to applyconcepts where they shouldnt be applied ur mixing apples and oranges
Cloud9/TenZ problem
#114 he had the definition right but applied it wrong. easy to do if u dont use math daily
Cloud9/TenZ problem
there can be diff explanations for the clip but ur math/logic here is wrong bud. ur right saying that 180 degrees is half a turn but ur wrong about the direction. consider the unit circle and imagine ...
Norway, explain
US teams have been mixed even in 1.6. its just the assimilation culture that we have here. the shortcomings of the US scene could be traced back to CGS failure that also affected other scenes like chi...
Norway, explain
wow congrats we r finally getting somewhere! ill only address ur important points and not the nonsensical and convoluted ramblings in ur post as well as the straw man fallacy in ur last paragraph. so...
Norway, explain
math and facts arent ur strong suit that much is obvious. u r good at resorting to insults tho whenever u have nothing to say in order to back up ur claims. maybe u should drop the history books and p...
Cloud9 vs Complexity
i dont get all the koosta hate. hes literally carrying this team while taking the shit roles alongside daps. he would probably be even better as the main awper and have everyone play around him instea...
Norway, explain
again u like bringing up misleading statistics. r there 5.5 million ppl playing cs in finland and 330 million ppl playing cs in US? this total population argument is irrelevant so why dont u try narro...
Moon landing poll 1969
pyth wasnt born yet in 1969
forgotten pro players
solek the godfather of cs
peak = peek rooster = roster
why HLTV
I'm 42 she's 15
Physics so hard
u should explain w/ separate FBDs first so he can understand wats goin on in the system not just shove equations and calculations down his throat. and i think u mean r^2 not ^2r
Sharks vs Cloud9
mixwell needs to step up or pass the awp to koosta. they give him so much room and opportunity to work with yet he cant even top the scoreboard while awping
secret to NA success
autimatic is viet