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u lift bro?
jks need better team
dude calm down im just baitin lmao
jks need better team
only like them cuz swole
jks need better team
only good in unimportant matches
aussies mad cuz tyloo beat rng every important match omegalul
Fuck wasps
lowkey inserts small detail about chillin w/ his wife while bein stung by a wasp in order to get clout OMEGALUL
korean #1
name doesnt check out
Music that makes you dream
Do you like your job?
construction management intern $27/hr 40 hrs a week it can be tedious but i dont have to do too much and a lot of the times im learning from my instructors rather than workin
Vegas AMA
gordon ramsay or wolfgang puck
mechanical engineering - big pay, a lot my friends r in some type of engineering, i like physics, mechanics, dealing w/ force, motion, and heat transfer, finding out how things work. i considered beco...
Naruto best Anime
thats a good number w/ all things considered. dont get me wrong i like naruto but i do recognize that theres many better anime out there
Naruto best Anime
unrealistic and pointless suggestion but an alternative could be lookin at the anime ratings in MAL and it ranks at #339 by with the rating of 8.18 ofc that is just the opinion of MAL but its close to...
Naruto best Anime
yep thats y its not in top 200
Naruto best Anime
objectively and holistically speakin its not even in the top 200