i am currently working as a civil engineer
i have a BS in civil and mechanical engn
i mainly use this site for shit posting and checking cs news
if u need serious advice for STEM career, school, life in general, etc, feel free to leave me a PM i should respond in a day or so
i no longer accept homework questions
Forum posts
why are IGLs shit?
igls arent igl because they choose to be, but theyre igls cuz theyre shit and its their excuse to stay in the pro scene cuz they wont survive in any other role half-kappa
Get_Right Hypothetical
heres where the term useless hypotheticals comes in handy
Do you work?
civil engineer can clock in whenever i want cept for when i have to meet w/ other members or professions in office or on site. need 40 hrs / week
Do you work?
can u keep leftovers or do u throw them and do u ever sneak food for home :D
Portuguese girls
ik u r chemteacher but
Climate changes propaganda
the publisher of this is Heartland Institute, very conservative, make money by publishing industrial propaganda, ignoring science and promoting dissent. however sometimes they do raise some good point...
Favorite Anime Music
been listening to some yoko kanno lately GiTS SAC osts toruika - I Do -
How to eat oreo cookie?
can u get VAC for this?
Top 10 anime of all time
ghost in the shell sac, fate/zero, monster, clannad after story, kimi no na wa should have a place in top 10, if not, top 15 for sure
peanut brain tarik is a better igl than karrigan LUL
Add lock thread option
agree, once i had a bait thread a long time ago then someone bumped it jonathan e saw it recently and banned me i cri
I guess your IQ
respect - engineering lackey
I guess your IQ
i posted my response in your thread: as its more on topic there #61
Climate changes propaganda
"So what do you find most troublesome about climate change? For example increased CO2 levels? and why" in the short run, the change in storms is the most concerning, particularly hurricanes, but even...
go to class