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Gotta make a case for my boy NAF > Ropz
That depends on their player and their mentality. Only one team wins the superbowl or world cup, i guess in your eyes all the teams that dont are losers?
I dont understand how you can say that but be on the same logic that "winning is everything" if youre making it to the late stages of tournaments you're winning more maps than you're losing.
A loser would be someone who fails to make it to tournies or is consistently ousted in the early stages of them
Liquid underrated
Yes especially in terms of team play but they're also good friends outside of the game.
Liquid underrated
Nifty is going to better IGL than Nitr0, why? And Elige loses his best friend, bad idea if you want Elige to remain a star of this team.
Defusing should be QTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes but it's not hard to understand smokes or executes as a concept despite the difficulty involved in throwing and remembering various ones.
Such brick wall logic
Adorable when you know nothing about me, seems like you don't even know yourself.
I really enjoyed reading that. So often when I see "CZ OP" spam the play is a direct result of a a player hitting a timing that he shouldn't be allowed to (is in a position he shouldn't be allowed to ...
Awww he doesn't know about the north
SK vs mousesports
If they kept TACO and got rid of boltz it probably would have worked better, keep colds best friend let stewie anchor sites until they find an actual good replacement or decide that TACO was the best ...
SK vs mousesports
Imagine this lineup with krimz as the support..........