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Renegades vs ViCi
Round over - Winner: CT (1 - 12) - Bomb defused liazz defused the bomb liazz + Gratisfaction (assist) killed aumaN with ak47 (headshot) liazz + jks (assist) killed kaze with ak47 (headshot) aumaN pl...
Renegades vs ViCi
Round over - Winner: CT (0 - 1) - Bomb defused AZR defused the bomb Gratisfaction killed advent with usp_silencer (headshot) Gratisfaction killed zhokiNg with usp_silencer (headshot) AZR + jkaem (as...
Imperial vs INTZ
Imperial vs INTZ
Round over - Winner: T (4 - 6) - Target bombed chelo killed dzt with ak47 dzt + shz (assist) killed destiny with ak47 dzt killed kNgV- with ak47 dzt planted the bomb (1on3) nice another throw
Imperial vs INTZ
Round over - Winner: T (1 - 0) - Enemy eliminated tifa + SHOOWTiME (assist) killed chelo with glock (headshot) chelo killed SHOOWTiME with usp_silencer (headshot) tifa killed destiny with glock (he...
TeamOne vs eUnited
eUnited been on the decline since their roster changes xd
Grayhound vs CyberZen
nice banana hold
Aequus vs CyberZen
5v3 reveals the throw
Aequus vs CyberZen
Round over - Winner: T (9 - 12) - Enemy eliminated Savage + HZ (assist) killed hydra with ak47 Savage killed ZENCER with ak47 (headshot) ZENCER + asYLum (assist) killed bottle with m4a1 Savage plan...
this would make tupac puke
NRG vs Bravado
Round over - Winner: CT (4 - 13) - Enemy eliminated nahtE + CeRq (assist) killed Sonic with p250 Sonic + ELUSIVE (assist) killed CeRq with galilar (headshot) CeRq + nahtE (assist) killed ELUSIVE wi...
called it
Round over - Winner: T (7 - 10) - Enemy eliminated XigN + glow (assist) killed SeokE with ak47 solo killed Lakia with m4a1 XigN planted the bomb (3on2) solo killed stax with m4a1 (headshot) stax k...
ViCi vs GOSU
Even throw in minor, cn scene is sad
Solving US poverty