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Bravado vs Luminosity
boltz killed NEKIZ
Fallen about VP
hen1 laugh thread
I don't think so, steelega was pretty clear on him forgetting it. I mean it sounds like a pretty easy mistake to make (especially since they're all on a team together anyway and the team was already ...
hen1 "dishonest balance"
not really, pretty sure he'll be punished
hen1 laugh thread
what happened? edit: just saw it lol wtf
#2 on YouTube trending
popular videos on brazil YT are usually all clickbait fake news made for people with low IQ but at least we have masterchef on number 1 trending
TACO / Opinions
I mean, ofc people are gonna say good things now that he's coming off an amazing tournament. He's good and very important for any teams he plays in, but his lack of individual skill is annoying.
the fuck is this I swear ASMRers should all go to gulag
Fallen 200iq
And KNG goes back to Immortals thus proving that Fallen's word is the only one that matters and fuck the org owners LUL HOW'S NOAH? YEAH YOU'LL DO NOOTIN
what do you mean wtf ucl? also liverpool 3 wins napoli 2 wins 3 draws, both of those equal 9 points
Liquid Stew
yeah I always knew there was somethin fishy going on with that fahrenheit bs
he apologized, even if it was for purely selfish purposes and got what he wanted, what's your point?
Liquid Stew
but whats the point of a stew if u only add liquid to it gotta have plenty of food too so the stew is more consistent (which unfortunately doesn't happen with Stews Made in Brazil)
apologizing is for pussies
what's the problem with that? If he joined MIBR without ever apologising yall would be bitching about it too