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Which life do you choose?
what's the problem in living forever? unless you do absolutely everything there is to do on planet earth and in the known universe and eventually fall into a deep depression after everyone you love di...
Which life do you choose?
I suppose by being the immortal scientist you'd eventually become rich enough (or just have enough time) to do whatever you'd want so there's no point to the other option
ADMIT THIS! Xyp9x is way better
i mean sincerely you gotta be INSANELY blind by astralis fanboyism to believe xyp9x comes remotely close to s1mple in terms of skill
ADMIT THIS! Xyp9x is way better
s1mple couldn't do xyp's role as well as xyp but xyp9x would never even come remotely close to being able to perform s1mple's role
2018 CS
I think cloud9's run at eleague deserves to be remembered tbh
how many black brazilian pros do u know?
cuz mouses and monitors and good PCs are expensive as fuck so you do the math
Astralis in 2018 won't be the same in 2019
lol ofc they wont
help for the miserable
lol theres some kid named food
guy beats his woman while on stream
she sounded annoying but this kid deserves to have his face slammed across the concrete no joke edit: just saw the full video WHAT THE FUCK someone please shoot this spoiled bitch ass fuck
UFC231 link?
dude holloway is a fucking monster wtf
miss you SK Gaming
oh god here we go how about this one - lula is favorite to win e...
UFC231 link?
fuck, my team has some CS matches scheduled for now I really wanna watch the santos vs manuwa and the comain/main event
Khabib Nurmagomedov - Undisputed (UFC)
did u make this? thats a sick edit u might get it removed since ur using ufc 229 footage though (even tho its mirrored)