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May we never forget the unforgivable mistake made by Stalin: Not killing twice as many kulaks

hahaha Kiss my eggs, you is low about the SK

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Saying china flu racist? Come here for the truth
this is the lowest IQ video I've ever seen
Expected from USA
this is horrible but lmao that's the most USA thing in the world name any country in the world, you wouldn't see this happen in rwanda or some shit
Privacy while using Youtube?
don't log in, use a vpn or tor, maybe spoof your mac address if you really feel like it? honestly kinda futile though
The West Has Fallen
pretty much 90% of brazilians sucking up to USA and europe and treated like some 6th world country in the middle of nowhere lmao
The Western World Has Fallen
funny way of spelling "i'm a virgin"
LMAOOOOOOO Per capita economy worse than fkin chile and mexic...
nah it looked like it since he was at mar a lago and everyone else did be his tests apparently came out negative but he also could be faking now so idk
Faze Boston Major
sure. but I guess I see "achievements" as being the ultimate goal in sports, and your team's strength is only the means to try and get there.
Move major to Germany
i'm from sao paulo but yeah thanks for proving my point cya in 10 wannabe nazi
Move major to Germany
not wrong but you're probably a 16yo southerner so stfu
Faze Boston Major
are you serious? it's the biggest stage in csgo and the trophy every csgo player strives to win, like a world cup in football. If it's not the major then nothing else matters