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stalin did nothing wrong, change my mind
hahaha Kiss my eggs, you is low about the SK

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Brazilians Threatening Thorin
Brazilians who threaten people on twitter have never even been punched in their lifetimes, let alone deal drugs in favelas and handle glocks. Luckily for them, people think all brazilians are druglord...
Rio de Janeiro
most brazilians on hltv are just spoiled kids so they naturally see Rio the same way as HLTV sees brazil in general, also thanks to the media The truth actually is, rio favela gang wars makes for the ...
ESL one Rio Major
OOOO shit, true, forgot MIBR actually won a map so don't have to go through it all again alright lets go BRASIL SK still top1
ESL one Rio Major
Maracanazinho arena, I'd guess well, 1: inb4 mibr don't make it through the minor lmao 2: can we please at least give the players some basic directions around the places where they'll be staying and ...
what series?
well, it references the war on roses up until the second/third book and a lot of the groups in got are based upon different real life cultures, but that doesn't make it a good historical reference IMO...
what series?
i'd say playing elder scrolls and reading lore on the imperial legion gives more insight into roman times than game of thrones to be honest
what series?
game of thrones???
why do so many chinese have expensive inventories?
the communist party of china made them all rich comrade glory to jinping
why do so many chinese have expensive inventories?
lmao true
lmfao good one
meh, maybe. Usually we only really focus on the world cups so however the squad looks by late 2019 we know it'll get better by 2022. and honestly I don't really see it being as bad as 2010 and 14, the...
its just another tite friendly, who cares plus the 2006 brazil squad (i know not the one in the picture) is the most disgustingly overrated squad of all time, ronaldo arrived on camp weighting like 23...
Brazil schools ban meat
As long as they're not fucking up the kids' nutrition, what's even the problem? I'm a huge meat lover but it's because of meat production that the amazon is burning down right now
War with china
yes my dear two digit iq north american, your country does wars out of charity and friendship
Contact lenses and boxing
true, and since lenses are kind of a time limited thing (eventually your eyes dry too much for you to be able to use them) you either have to use glasses again or do surgery and not be able to suffer ...