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Zywoo is insane(no cap)
for sure
Zywoo is insane(no cap)
I think that people are stuck in the past, NiKo's riffling isn't that impressive nowaydays, I would probably put him in top 5 rifflers though
Vita 2-0,EG 2-0,NiP 2-0
So far you are nailing it
Flag quiz
94% 10min trolled with ireland ivory coast and indonesia poland
Heroic Disband soon
They were never good, but reached top 1 and stayed there like a month And yes the odds are really what matters in a game
They already splashed the cash on dev1ce, I doubt they would want another high profile signing without any immediate need
But if a team works why is there need for changes? If they start performing poorly yeah ztr should be the first one out, so far it makes no sense
First tournament with device and they guaranteed top 2 spot and have good chances of winning, how is this unacceptable?
0.86 as the player with some of the worst roles and having little tier 1 or tier 2 experience, I don't even understand how you try to make it look so bad Of course he could be better and still has to ...
About ztr change
He plays hard positions and is doing fine, ofc he could be better but he is far from a bad player, not to mention he has barely any experience in tier 1, he barely has experience even in tier 2
What do you mean by competing with the greats of CSGO, Device is one of the greats and the guy that people should be comparing to, not the other way around
"mouz will beat G2"
Is this thread the biggest bait of this tournament?
Will i lose weight?
You will definitely lose weight, it would help if you knew how much calories your metabolism burns on average per day so you can stay below it, I would guess you burn around 2500 calories but I can't ...
Will i lose weight?
why bots are always trying to hype up the team