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What major winner makes your happy?
it is embarrasing. But how can this guy not increase him aim?? is it so hard cuz he literally has worse aim than my fucking disabled neighboor.
What a fucking bot. He has no basics. shooting while running hahaha
-Edward +cromen
no thats not right.
-Edward +cromen
how is he bad when he is playing his role + fragging more than decent for whats expected from him
-Edward +cromen
Flamie is supposed to be 3rd player. But lately edward is overtaking flamie alot. as a support xd. people dont know what they are talking about. But yeah probably if navi wins the major edward will ...
Why going 12-3 to 15-15 isn't choking.
You are right. It works both ways. But if a team had the momentum to extend the lead and they for example lose 12-6 tot an eco and lose the map 14-16 you van call it a choke tbh
OLOF come here
Right now he said. Can you read
Wish he would ever win a major. But he said faze will be his last team. So probably not gonna happen. Their choke/loss in boston was too hard they could never get their shit back together since then.
Astralis vs FaZe
Niko choking like a russian slut
Fnatic ScreaM
I know people react on roster moves or mostly post lineups which they think are great based on names or ''best case scenario''. They totally ignore the fact that certain players might leave or stay be...
Fnatic ScreaM
Could be a good move tbh. Scream adds some raw firepower which they obviously lack with xizt and flushit
woxic is bad
That was clearly not the point of my comment. But have it your way.. how was none of his kills impact? he literally won them the first pistol round and i think the 2 last 2 rounds as CT.
G2 + ScreaM
finally some logic. thanks