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Your Dream Vehicles
Not my thing :(
Your Dream Vehicles
Car - 1967 Chevrolet Impala Family Car - Tesla Model III Motorcycle - 2015 Zero DS (orange)
Coolest place you have been to?
West Fjords in Iceland. Quite beautiful, unlike anything else I've ever seen
recorded video for GF
recorded video for GF
I don't feel secure anymore...
I don't know much about him but I had read up on him a bit in high school. Seemed like a good leader in all honesty. Was trying to make Turkey a modern country and, for what it's worth, he did a prett...
Cloud9 Relyks
I mean... Maybe? Honestly who the fuck knows what's happening in C9 nowadays. Will they keep kioShiMa in the long run? Will they sign a "pug star" like they did with Stewie? Will they buy someone out ...
[18+] ANIME
My reaction tbh
map spot as pro nickname?
shroud on Cache NBK- on Cache Snax on Cache olof on Train GeT_RiGhT on Mirage (occasionally)
Best player free agent rn
Yeah. Tbh, he was doing alright in FaZe. Maybe he could replace karrigan and then karrigan can replace kRYSTAL in LeftOut
Which Ed Sheeran song is this?
Best player free agent rn
Lmao. Can't help but feel like this isn't about Norway CS anymore haha
Best player free agent rn
He's the IGL for Nordavind at the moment. He used to be a coach. I've been doing a bit of digging and other IGL possibilities are akEz (Nordavind rifler, has been an IGL in the past) or aNdz (IGL for ...
Best player free agent rn
Yeah that tends to be the problem with smaller scenes... The only Norwegian IGL I know of is zEVES, but he really lacks in the fragging department... Honestly, it'd have to be rain or jkaem imo, consi...
Best player free agent rn
Yeah the Norwegian super team is an old tale that kind of ties in with FaZe as a whole. rain wants to help his scene grow, GuardiaN is most likely retiring after FaZe as he'd mentioned in the pass, I ...