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Because it was also AmaNEk. They shared the role and each called on different maps :)
pro100 kenzor boosting kills on ST gun AK-47 StatTrak | Asiimov
Girl sleeping in my bed
God, I hate the people on this website.
tarik's got a pretty big wieverbase though. Not saying it's necessarily the best move, but I can understand why he could be considering it
I have 4 tattoos for now, all relatively small. My first is a simple world map on my inner left forearm. My 2nd is a small heart on my right wrist. My third is my username, FRØG, on my inner right for...
Yeah, I agree, I just meant that my native tongue is French and that's how we call it. It's also the same in Icelandic and similar enough in Russian (the other languages I speak a bit of lol)
Yeah, that's what it's called in French.
New Sprout Roster
denis Spiidi faveN syrsoN mirbit
G2 -bodyy +AmaNEk
I think it would work tbh, though LDLC would litteraly be dead after this move haha
Canadians come
From Montreal, it meets all of your criteria except maybe the English part. Montreal is quite English friendly, but knowing French is usually a good plus, even if it's just a little bit, but we get to...
CoL tarik?
Big Sad :(
CoL tarik?
+1 to everything you said
CoL tarik?
Tbh, feels like tarik has so many options... coL tarik Mythic tarik ex-SS tarik FaZe tarik Hard to tell where he'll go. In a way, they're all a bit of a stretch, but still, I'm interested to see what...
If fnx come back
Ummmm... Aren't MIBR going for felps? LG are the ones going for fnx to replace NEKIZ according to the rumors. Unless that's changed again, though I doubt it
I like Communism
Thank you Kanye, very cool!