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Your favourite female CS:GO player?
Lmao i hadn't even thought of that
Your favourite female CS:GO player?
rain, GooseBreeder, missharvey
ended relationship
My pleasure ^_^ hope you figure it out mate!
ended relationship
I think that you should try a bunch of things and still do CS. I love Counter-Strike but it's not the only thing that defines me. I play bass, do film photography, enjoy cooking, etc. Try a bunch of s...
ended relationship
It takes a little while in my experience. Especially if you were very invested and your relationship was a large part of your life. My advice would be to try to keep your chin up, maybe hang out with ...
Ghost -neptune
excuse me what the fuck
keev birthday
He's their backup player.
Favourite alcohol?
Vodka and Gin are my favorite. I'll drink just about whatever when I'm out with friends
Your Dream Vehicles
Not my thing :(
Your Dream Vehicles
Car - 1967 Chevrolet Impala Family Car - Tesla Model III Motorcycle - 2015 Zero DS (orange)
Coolest place you have been to?
West Fjords in Iceland. Quite beautiful, unlike anything else I've ever seen
recorded video for GF
recorded video for GF
I don't feel secure anymore...
I don't know much about him but I had read up on him a bit in high school. Seemed like a good leader in all honesty. Was trying to make Turkey a modern country and, for what it's worth, he did a prett...
Cloud9 Relyks
I mean... Maybe? Honestly who the fuck knows what's happening in C9 nowadays. Will they keep kioShiMa in the long run? Will they sign a "pug star" like they did with Stewie? Will they buy someone out ...