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ur teacher
Imo there'd be a lot of players I'd like to learn from. kennyS, shox, chrisJ, f0rest, GeT_RiGhT, karrigan, rain, GuardiaN, XANTARES, gla1ve, FalleN, coldzera, n0thing, shroud, Nifty, ScreaM, kioShiMa,...
^^^ this
Do u have any tatoo
I have a world map on my inner left forearm (just a simple outline of it) and a small heart on my right wrist (once again just a simple outline).
respectable HLTV users ???????
You forgot GeorgeWashington ;)
nifty overrated?
No, so Nifty will be one of the only AWPer IGLs. There are other ones (like nitr0), but Nifty is the most notable I would say.
Heroic upgrade
Sounds alright. Unlikely, but wouldn't be a bad roster if it happened. Xizt will most likely leave FaZe to IGL again, AcilioN is looking for a team. RUBINO has been lacking as of late + he's on the be...
Most missed roster?
A classic... *tears of joy*
Most missed roster?
Oh and when PENTA's roster was kind of up in the air but they had: kRYSTAL stfN mikeS suNny oskar I felt like it had a descent amount of potential back then, but they had different stand-ins every ma...
Most missed roster?
He plays for Rogue. Don't know about his streams though, haven't watched him in a long time.
Most missed roster?
EnVyUs: Happy NBK kioShiMa kennyS apEX Fnatic: JW flusha pronax olofmeister KRIMZ OpTic Gaming: NAF RUSH mixwell tarik stanislaw Selfless Gaming: mitch Nifty no_one Brehze kaboose
nifty overrated?
Well coldzera is gonna be calling from now on as well...
nifty overrated?
Not only that, but how many years of experience does FalleN have versus Nifty? I mean Nifty used to play CoD professionally on console a few years ago, so considering he's as good as he is is actually...
PizzaCat Draw
I am a man of many talents. Drawing is not one of them.
PizzaCat Draw