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EU leftist are funny
"or something like that" - resumes your knowledge on all these subjects.
IEM Oakland shit times
Oh come on, man. 10 pm? Plus it's the weekend, you're not supposed to work Saturday and Sunday. When I was in Canada, I didn't complain when the matches started early and I had to watch them at 5,4,3 ...
IEM Oakland shit times
thank you. I can't believe these guys are still believing they're they're massively more watching that NA. Thinking of that, 10 pm (time the match starts for me), is not so late, especially in week en...
+lil peep -lil pump
I admit, I laughed at this
RIP Lil Peep
and so what? doesn't make him a "worse" fan. If that's the song he likes, then get fuckin over it.
Most Likable Player
Hobbit, always. Looks so likeable. Karrigan, NBK, seangares, Autimatic, FalleN, boltz of course, kioshima, Snappi, and Get_RiGhT, Dennis, gob b?
NiP lucky once again
they beat your favorite team 16-9
EnVyUs vs NiP
Good banning from them. They could've gotten more rounds on their T side, actually (Lurking is so strong on Nuke that this always favors nV imo, as Happy is continuously lurking on it). On their CT it...
EnVyUs vs NiP
Sixer got a great showing these last two matches actually. Shit stats for XMS right now, but he was great yesterday and today against C9.
EnVyUs vs NiP
This match got down to so many clutches, dayum... I have to say NiP won 3 of them, though. Really sad for nV, impressive showing (Match vs. SK & C9 for example), but still can't get out of groups, mos...
EnVyUs vs NiP
Everything can happen on a bo1. Let's not say the map's granted for one of these two teams. What's certain is that it's nV's do or die, while NiP is probably close to be qualified anyway.
EU #9 > NA #1
Yeah, results based on ONE and ONLY Bo1, LOL
SK vs Astralis
Good lord, SK. From 14-6 to 15-15. well played.
Earth is semi-flat
This is the truth, man. The real truth. I'm really proud to become a semi-flat-earth-denier.
Earth is semi-flat
Many people believe earth is either flat or not flat (round) but I made a ground breaking discovery after taking a close look at the earth. It is actually semi-flat, which means that some areas are in...