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MIBR Roles?
in 2017 was the same thing when Felps was in the team, Fallen can't play with 2 agressive Players like Fer and Stew, he can't do the agressive plays bcos is doing the support role for them to shine
Current best CSGO team
the current Astralis roster
S1mple vs Coldzera
8mvps > 4mvps 2 majors > 0 majors 12 championships wins > 2 championships wins 3 times best in the world > 0 times best in the world "But... but he has 1.4 rating and cold has 1.16" "But... coldzera ...
5 dumbest pro team changes ever
he didnt fuck fer's girlfriend
5 dumbest pro team changes ever
no he dont wtf stop with this bullshit lol
Top 20 2018
why dafuq everyone in hltv is denying coldzera's talent ? like he was in the past the best player in the world and now he is just a normal player without Taco ? Every single person in SK is playing ba...
[18+] R8 Brazil WC squad
Alisson better than Ederson atm.
Real Top 5 ranking (teams)
Messi / C. Ronaldo - Niko / s1mple / coldzera
coldzera 2x times the best player in the world (CS:GO) 1x time the best player in all games. he is the real Messi
most underrated players
valde is a beast +11
SK #1
i think ur just mad
toxic pro players besides s1mple ?
never ? i can remember u the "showtime" one for coldzera
Why isn't steel playing
ofc, its great to have a nice discussion in HLTV. Have a nice day!
Why isn't steel playing
i think the teams doesn't care about this roster locks, like they have so much tournament's to play u know ? plus pimp was allowed to play in the last ELEAGUE major