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Vitality Hadji
No thanks, hasnt been good for 3 years
NaVi -flamie -perfecto
h0bbit is fucking trash my dude
Do u like your country?
(UK) no because we're folding too much to pc culture. Also the whole brexit thing is pissing me off
AVANGAR vs Vitality
Ya know, it's not like he plays well most the time online and offline. Would definitely be an upgrade in navi
Best Vitality fix
Any french scene player is an improvement for rpk and happy right now
imagine BiG if
These comments saying +nex He's inconsistent as fuck, why add him?
Imperial vs 3DMAX
Fucking trash team
ENCE vs OpTic
This made me laugh too much
Yay and JDM plus a moose and one more could make them a solid bottom end top 20, maybe 15 that gets an odd upset... again, nifty could do better
It's positioning, timings, learning the speeds of the gun. Yes the principle behind the awp is easy, but the mastery is hard. The only cases of riflers picking up an awp and becoming god tier is liter...
Yeah, I totally get the idea and theory behind that.... but what players can they even pick up? C9, liquid, NRG, MIBR players aren't available and won't gamble their careers... you could maybe moose f...
Scream isn't a top 5 team level of player. I don't understand the fascination
Shit yeah, thatd be a dream. Don't know why the fuck he went to nv
There are no top teams without a top awper, Liquid being the sole exception, but that's because they have probably the 2nd best rifle trio in CS right now, backed by a top 2 support player. C9 have tw...