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€3 wallet
No but seriously if valve release player pickems this is an easy way to make a few extra euros. Just pick players who have cheap stickers who you think have the potential to go off and it is easy mone...
€3 wallet
Buy a shit ton of sergej stickers. When Ence do well and he is going off his sticker's price will go up sell and buy actual game.
-ngin +awper
0 money org.
Ben Shapiro OBLITERATES pro-murder leftist
Thats what I mean. The people that worship him are weirdos. Most of the people that he "debates" aren't even that unreasonable there are just a bunch of losers in the crowd that act like it is a rap b...
Ben Shapiro OBLITERATES pro-murder leftist
He makes a living reking morons and retards on the internet more power to him.
Ocasio-Cortez hates Americans
Shes a retard that doesn't know how to play the political game and will serve one term max. She does the same shit with every talking point she makes. Say one thing and then shit on something else com...
Players that failed at top level
Devilwalk, fiflarern?
Players that failed at top level
Roca Shroud Sancz showtime Literally every player that played on luminosity the second version. (Not the one that went to SK, the one with yel) Horvvy Disco Draken to some extent Schneider How did...
most overrated player
Cloud9 fix
Have to wait until after the major and if they bomb out they need 3 NA players to play in the NA minor,
Brassil CS = S H I T
Actually shouldn't use Vaseline as lube but nt.
Brassil CS = S H I T
You say 8 months like it is nothing. Most dominant era in modern cs history.
Liquid is stooopid
That is different. They didn't force him to play they just waited because they wanted someone to buyout his contract.
Liquid is stooopid
Tbh I don't understand why orgs don't make people play out their contract.
reddit csgo
Extremely biased and certain extremely dumb fan bases mean the same opinion gets circled jerked every time. Imagine if Taco and zews left C9 or mibr everyone would be calling them snakes.