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Yeah but there isn't really any talent coming up. In theory teams like geng, C9 and NV should have a bunch of prospects for Liquid and EG to sign. But combined they have floppy and maybe s0m. Plus NV ...
rip nitr0
Yeah Hazed, cutler and shahzam being on top teams tells you all you need to know about the scene.
USA wot doink?
Go back to church boomer.
USA wot doink?
Schools, access to abortions, lots of social programs. Love how right wing people love to spout look at all these leftist run cites but then completely ignore literal 3rd world shitholes like West Vir...
USA wot doink?
*right wing morons. Funny how the same idiots that cry about defund the police turn around and vote to defund literally every other aspect of society except the military.
Major ain't happening my man.
Why Americans Hate Masks?
Not all of us. The same dumbass hardcore christian population that live in the 3rd world part of NA.
Gen.G ? BnTeT ?
Online CS........... Koosta and s0m suddenly doing good.............
Earns way more than 5k my man. Plus they have all their living expenses covered. Literally the biggest waste of money in Esports. Bet they get paid more than mousesports tbh.
french rejects
Nah Vitality suck.
ALIENS confirmed
You smart.
Pros going to Valorant
They have already been trying to get an org. The fact is that no one is spending money on CS right now because of the virus. Also the chance of them actually making the major is extremely slim.