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weed > pharma
its the same with everything know ur limit find ur balance and dont over do it and not much problems will happen.-
Heat wave in Europe
heatwave was 18 days in august that we had 30+ for the rest we had good temp's for summer around 28-30 what is totally fine.
workin as police?
wait the future when whole world is a police state due to so claimed terrorism treat :D
tax wealth?
Because then, this system of modern slavery would not work anymore, it literally build on inherited or lets say stolen land and wealth.
Julian Assange
this is just the beginning, article 13 then fully surveilance state ruled by martial law. enjoy ur life while it last's humanity will have to unite and go big no matter color,religion,views only toget...
going to twitchcon!
go to berghain/kater blau and after to twitch con fully wasted, u will enjoy more for sure :D
die young?
what is sins?
die young?
this song is not even 10 years old, how can it be nostalgic?
In Barcelona for the weekend
there is a cool roof top bar with cool view on the sagrada la familia. hotel name is Ayre Hotel Rosellón u can just go up there and enjoy nice drinks. also make sure to eat at bacoa burger. also a coo...
desperate generation!
i know ppl that earn 0$ per month are on the street and still look more happy than the avarage joe working a office job in berlin.
desperate generation!
if u base ur sucess on what others tell u u will never have success. i know a guy that worked here in the store for 2 months during summer he started his own business that is now supplying german rapp...
desperate generation!
well the problem is ppl think an diploma or an achievment matters but in reality the guy with the mba will die one day just like the guy that is sitting under a bridge.
pharma > nipsey hussle
its enough, time to claim back whats our's! HLTV WARRIORS UNITE.
Things that trigger you
lol if this triggers u good luck working :D 90% of the job's are like this.
Things that trigger you
why would anyone ever say kopf hoch after dissing someone? what city are u living in? here most of the disses end up with ppl beating eachother and then be friends again.