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God believers LUL
the fact that u care about them shows already ur pretty stupid yourself :D
Believe in god!
its basically the whole concept of brainwashed religion. be a good guy, obey the government work 24/7 and u go to heaven be unemployed, lazy and a criminal who doesn't give a shit about government u g...
Article 13
peace because the nato and eu fund weapon lobbyists for wars. now go think outside the box.
Article 13
trust me, it always has been like this once the ppl rise they will fall the problem is ppl will not rise until they are given entertainment and consume in excess. everyone denying the truth just becau...
Few beers every night?
to much hop can lead to testosterone decrease in men so u better not drink to much beer or u become a pussy, no joke btw its for real
Article 13
cuz this was planned long time ago, and aslong we are on hltv or netflix or partying they can do what ever they want :D
i normally dont like police or security but in this case this guy deserved it D:
long time ago, probably this shit will end up like this rich and poor zones with micro chips in as digital currency unless humanity wakes the fuck up and realize everything in this world is theirs.
Help me with girl
best dates i had were just walks or other outdoor/indorr activities. best fun was a parcour trampolin freestylepark or just a boulder session
israel bad guys?
u should not hate anyone, cuz hate is just a reflection of how much you hate yourself. its fine to dislike but hate never good spread only more hate.
Just had a colonoscopy AMA
just fast 1 week and ur colon is cleansed boi
well, there u go in 50 years ur gonna have a chip in your body and if u go over a certain emount of debt u will probably explode.
school is overrated in todays age, like in 20 years everything will be technology and digital what ur gonna do with math when u can just ask a robot to calculate for you. school should learn things ab...
mumble rap
the main agenda from this genre is to make the kids braindead :D
Political Ideology (Strawpoll)
list materialism and i might vote :D