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MIBR new VP?
MIBR players learned from 'fnx' that a lot of money can come from their own images and branding , so I believe that is their main concern at the moment. Noah needs to make good on his investment so th...
Feminism is bad
Are there any male feminists outside the university space and Sweden's government?
SK saving strats
Actually hilarious
k1to calling felps a monkey in FPL
And celebrity wannabe Thorin has already jumped all over the kNG / fnx kick, let's see if he mentions anything about this.. if it wasn't for kNg nobody would know who Thorin is , enjoy 15min of fame.
k1to calling felps a monkey in FPL
I was about to post it, you beat me to it.. They were trash talking kNg and fnx as well Can't expect a lot of maturity from a 19yr old German either
This is like the "Seinfield" of forum topics: a whole thread about nothing.
girl make no sense
They are horrible haha, fuck it, walk away, would never date a Portuguese woman.
girl make no sense
Is she Portuguese?
girl make no sense
You are missing the point: She is fighting for her right to be crazy, impulsive and unreliable and she wants you to guess what you have to do before she tells you to do it. Dude, you are clueless, h...
SK working for YouTube
I am Brazilian and thought it was kind of funny, but yeah, RCIST bastard
SK announces new player in roster
Probably the only brazilian other than fnx that can help SK win majors again.
SK kNg
true dat
SK kNg
it's because americans are hypocrites, europeans are less so
MiBr. ROPZ and MiBr. SUNNY
no, just no.