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Portuguese scene lol We all know the only competitive things from Portugal are CR7 and Erica Fontes
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I'm deaf
Ass hair
Yep Then let the dude rip it of with the d
athiests come here
You just made an absurd assumption If nobody thinks fo themselves, you can't use it , as you did, to refute his saying I could just assume you are wrong because you don't think for yourself, but that ...
athiests come here
Never said it was only the church, but they gave the biggest example. There were many intitutions that expanded christianity over other faiths in the western You cant deny that, also, even if you were...
Were u hit by parents?
I grow up in the orphanage
r8 her [18+]
Criticized refugees
You do realize this is edited material? Its out of context, released by the coercive occidental media, hitler was a good man
athiests come here
So he doesnt think for himsef but you do Ok mr illuminist
athiests come here
+1 He is about to say its cultural marxism promoted by gramsci
Criticized refugees
Hitler wanted to save the poor people and the workers of Germany Dont trust the allied sionist propaganda Germany was being dismantled by the debts of the after war, mostly by jew banks Hitler never s...
Xyp9x > gla1ve though
athiests come here
Yep Ofc the church has never forcedly converted anyone, you said so
athiests come here
secular school LoL Ppl were almost obligated to believe in god on the last millenium, a clear case of brainwash Now you accuse ppl of what your disgraceful kind has done
[18+] sex overated
You probb regret she doesnt have a dick