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TeamOne was a struggle bus. The best Brazilian teams are probably MIBR, Furia, Luminosity and INTZ. TeamOne cannot breach them at all. Just brazil isn't in a top region like EU or even NA so they have...
jdm64 wtf
Cuz he's a sex machine
Any gay pros?
if n0thing came out gay, I wouldnt be surprised XD
Liquid Main Awp
Probably because he’s been picking up the awp alot recently in Fpl/Rank S. And hitting dope clips. So a lot of kids who think getting awp clips is a good reason why he should awp.
Wait, Im lost hes back from Overwatch? Or what?
Personally Felps was my favorite player on that roster. Horvy is a nice upincoming, and Fnx is so good/
AUG fix
Aug? I feel like the SG is alot more rewarding than the AUG. If we are talking nerfing, both COD guns are insane. Best way to fix them is increase the time it takes to scope in. Slight Decrease recoil...
coldzera is not the GOAT
whats the point of helping when the first thing he said, was kys. First kill yourself, and then i'll tell you why he was the best?
coldzera is not the GOAT
For a person with the name IwillHelpYou, that "kys." comment doesn't seem at all helpful. Sarcasm in your own name?
French shuffle
Forgot about sixer. If we bringing him back, XMS was a great player. And Devil too on ldlc
French shuffle
The team lead by happy seems more like a leftovers. Rpk should retire soon and I doubt kio would get picked up off of the C9 contract
French shuffle
Happy should go international fam. hes such a good player but causes alot of drama
French shuffle
Im expecting RpK to retire again.
cod grand final
I’m just saying it’s most of Astralis game. We’ve seen their teamwork and their players themselves make big plays. Nobody can take them down really. We have only seen 3–1 bo5 or 2-0 bo3. Only team tha...
cod grand final