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Faze top1
"when faze and us will win 1milion dollars", sorry to break your hert but only Faze would get the money not "us" ahaha. plus you can't call an org that has only been around in CS for 2 years the best ...
so good and calculated cs is boring... hhhhmmmmmmm
Mouz Change!!!
most points are valid bar the OGC one ahaha, if he joins Mouz he wont be playing with them LOL
a mouse to buy
no worries
R8 pic
R8 pic
nice google skills
a mouse to buy
Razer mice are known for being heavier than other mice. so if you wanna stick with the same weight i would recommend staying with them. If you are willing to learn a new weight and then probably have ...
SK Lucky
collect the cry and sell it to get more money
If Portugal win tonight
omg, even though spain will win, i really want Portugal to win now, fuck your face
FaZe 5th
yeh coz shroud really Loves CS.....
G2 Question
dont you mean Shox should gtfo coz hes got more important things to focus on
G2 Question
i mean i want apEX to be in the best french team, but maybe coz Shox was such a bitch about it, him and NBK find a new team that will be better than G(tier)2 xD
Cz or 57???
i mean doesnt 57 do more head damage now, i was playing yesterday and got dinked for 58 from a pretty close distance
they didnt get invited and didnt try to qualify, so probably using it as a bootcamp, same as what SK have done recently