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jOELZ carried me
Could be average yes, now that I see it... either way it'd probably be much higher than just 40%, I just didn't make the right comparison at first.
jOELZ carried me
Oh that's pretty different. Sounds like anything over 20% is impressive. I assume he'd have more than 40% in mm
r8 german rap
Expected spongebozz, disappointed.
“Danish bias”
Smart ruski. Cheers brotherino.
189 cm 115 kg
The bs food is the most unhealthy food. Example: Christina - "I don't know what to eat John!" John - "You suck at finding stuff to eat Christina!" Christina - "That's right, let's just head to McDona...
jOELZ carried me
Match with the least headshots per round ratio? No one went past 22% EDIT: wrong, joelz had 28%
Lets Play a Game HLTV
I don't wanna die
Shrek dresses like Han Solo
Imma be honest, it baffles me how you haven't gotten permanently banned from this website. The amount of utter shit you post over and over again and the fact that you still manage to get away with it ...
dazed on dating show rn
WTF Felps?
Engineering is different from law you mean.
The official org that is in charge of that ranking. It's literally displayed in the entrance of the university so it's a legit source. EDIT: I think it was ranked #11 but not entirely sure.
I rate your pornstars(18+)
My boy knows what's up
I rate your pornstars(18+)
Amateurs >
MM in Asia
You only play a few African countries from northwest side. I played 3 years in the south of Africa and MM there is much more peaceful and easy to enjoy than in Europe or as you stated. Practically no ...