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Ppl in DM
Exactly my countryman
Xeppa = insane
He's pretty good
old news. people saying water is wet in 2020 are behind
Loba posture
His neck doesn't look that bent tbh, don't forget his back and shoulders are swollen asf and makes it look worse than it actually is. If he was skinny it wouldn't look as bad I think, but perhaps you'...
Loba posture
That's almost a squat position. If his back is straight, there's nothing wrong with it. I see a little curve but it shouldn't be a big deal healthwise I suppose, other than probably some soft temporar...
why havent we seen this yet?
don't wanna sound like a dickhead but that's a french song and has literally 333 million views. Pretty sure he has to be quite known amongst the french speaking countries and there are many.
Connor Murphy!
Fact, but I still did not expect, simple as that
Connor Murphy!
Wtf I used to watch this guy on his peak, watching this video now after a few years is quite shocking lol
CSGO player tier list rankings
Literally the most accurate rank in his list.
is aim trainable?
Of course it is trainable. Once you get used to your sensitivity and get a good feeling about your muscle memory, it's all about knowing where to place your crosshair and shoot. It does get better wit...
Reset to 60hz
60hz cursor never felt laggy at all as a full-time 60hz user, but when I tried 144hz, that was the smoothest shit i've ever seen. I guess from first experience I had never seen what's really better th...
Losing weight
If you just changed the eat plan you're still eating the snacks, just healthy snacks. I guess you mean cutting the processed/fast food off the snacks. Eating oatmeal is snacking too if you eat them in...