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TaZ m4a4 ACE by
i cant decide which is worse.. the commentator or the effects because both are equally shitty
win7 fix
its called getting used to it.
$1.000.000 championship announced
they should allow consoles and pc versions to play together. prolly everyone would quit console fps in 1 week.
from a financial standpoint, is GO a failure?
source and GO doesn't have much difference. so i am surprised there are still so many source players. 1.6 players do not jump to GO because to us, GO is just another silly FPS game that has already...
Counter-Strike 1.6
the skill of your opponents is laughable to say the very least.
AWP stuff
didnt find it bad.. but the music is terrible for a cs movie
Sensei Lift off problem
troubleshooting guide 101 from a sensei user with NO problems whatsoever 1. blow into the sensor, might have dust in them 2. clean your mousepad 2. reinstall your steelseries engine. 3. update u...
AWP Actions.
i am impressed. u could tell that an enemy is low when he is killed by awp.
onli bots would run that way when they hear a stupid awp spamming the wall so near to them. 0:22 - 0:23 explains it all. u'll prolly get away with it if you don't show the 3rd person view replay. then...
Do fnatic need to change?
cs been around for over 10 years and people still think to win a match all it takes is to frag
my new super movie!
the standard of ur opponents is like wtf.. and u r not that clean urself in some of the clips
someday these stupid game developers will finally realize that the reason why counterstrike can outlast any game out there in the market is because it doesn't look or feel like some random cheapo mmo ...
pretty decent movie. but too many ecos man.. kills the movie
Top3 CS shoutcaster of all time, and currently active
heard lurppis commentary before. only thing i can think of is shut up and go back to playing cs.