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KoN Denmark vs KoN Norway
KoN Denmark vs KoN Norway
sjuuush sick player men ))
FlipSid3 vs SuperJymy
There is almost no firepower in FlipSid3.
Team “VillaMix” confirmed at ELEAGUE Major 2018
All teams 24/24 submitted their roster for the upcoming @ELEAGUETV Major: Boston.
Dignitas new lineup?
Yes. Anouncement should be comming soon. They will make a completely new roster, but sadly not that skilled enough to compete at good events.
eXtatus vs Red Reserve
I didnt bet on this match, I bet 130 euros on Red Reserve vs Endpoint. They dont give a single fuck vs Endpoint playing like shitters but vs good opponents they play normal again fml
eXtatus vs Red Reserve
I lost 130euro, I dont care if teams lose vs weaker teams, but if they decide to not give a single fuck about these games then I just wish them the worst in their career. They didnt took a single roun...
eXtatus vs Red Reserve
I just wish that Red Reserve somehow loses their job as CS players, loosing vs UK team by p;laying like bots, but beating eXtatus by being gods. honestly just fuck them I hope you never will achieve ...
Red Reserve vs Endpoint
Fuck you Red Reserve, beating eXtatus on Overpass 16-5 but losing to UK Team after 4-0 lead. Really fuck you, you didnt took that game any serious you just rushed every single round on T half, you did...
Red Reserve vs Endpoint
First time since half of a year I bet 130€ on the Swedes cuz I think they gonna Smash UK, and they are losing from 4-0 lead vs fkin UK. my bad luck from earlier Comes back
x6tence vs Orion
We will beat them in one week in Open :D
i predict your future
16 male Germany blue
take me in ur team
ask Navi, I think they are looking for a Player cuz seized left.
first time drunk?
never and I never will drink alcohol. Applesuice 4 life
Streched 1024, 400HZ 2.2 I do some aim_botz after that some deathmatch You're welcome!