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Space Soldiers vs Cloud9
"Fan of cloud9" Hmmm
Tricked 8-2 - 12-16. Enyoy 9-2 - 11-16.
Tricked vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
Someone clip the 1v4? I didnt see it :(
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
FaZe vs Vega Squadron
You got so fucked, talking shit to a guy then gets owned and tries to talk his way back out. Back to your hole aka Sweden, where you let the muslins take over, they are out there on your streets rapin...
mousesports vs Natus Vincere
Dude, Gambit lost to Playing ducks 2 days before the last major and mostly lost to any other team they went against, then went on to win the major, you cannot predict how good gambit are before a majo...
Cloud9 vs Torqued
Thinking steel isn't top 10 NA, spotted the people who started playing after 2015
aAa vs Singularity
ohhh gotcha
aAa vs Singularity
Hmm *thinks back to the rounds where zywoo had the awp*
Its like, pee-nes compared to den-is
h1z1 > pubg
That's because you're not a special flower like the gentleman i had my spew about.
h1z1 > pubg
The difference is, Americans get really triggered when you mention this stuff, he stopped replying because he knows he can't say anything back. ;)
h1z1 > pubg
To make 10+ comments a day? The time taken to find something to reply to + constructing a reply, a significant amount of time. "Gtfo dumbass" how about speaking your countries language, oh wait your e...
h1z1 > pubg
Yet in the space of 7 months you've made 1500 comments, tell me again how you're not a lifer
fnatic vs FaZe
Why are you so mad then