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top 10 movies?
What I have been taught, a black hole is alot alot alot of mass put together in a very dense spot and that black holes can occur after a sun dies. Since the mass is very dense in a black hole the grav...
top 10 movies?
Dude have you even watched the movie? The time difference is not because of the speed of their space ship, its due to a black hole relatively close to a planet they are visiting, and if you have studi...
top 10 movies?
So the effects of relative time was not realistic either? And I really doubt that you have been studying astrophysics for 10 years because then wtf are you doing on hltv bro, this is a place for no l...
top 10 movies?
Wtf are you talking about, interstellar has been praised for its realism, they even spent over 1000h to create a black hole simulator to get i as real as possible, its result even was so good that sci...
Swedish internet
Swedish internet >>>>>> Russian internet btw. Never seen a russian with ping below 30
fnatic gucci!!
You need to realise that this collab is more than just about instagram and youtube followers. Gucci wants to make as much money as possible, esports are a good way to reach out to many people. If I as...
fnatic gucci!!
Yes, mostly kids below the age of 12 that wont be able to buy gucci anyways.
fnatic gucci!!
Thats just Western shit, Nobody in asia cares about that shit, still 60% of the world population lives there.
fnatic gucci!!
Only people below the age of 12 follows faze members. I can bet you that any chinese popular esport organisation has a larger fanbase than Faze.
fnatic gucci!!
Both Team liquid and OG are bigger orgs in both fanbases and money
fnatic gucci!!
Faze is definitely not the biggest gaming org
the fk is wrong with fnatic
online cs boring anyways, who cars