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They were literally messing around and had been playing CS for 12 straight hours. You guys will use anything to shit on the team lol
Ayo fuck the mp5 tell me some good tv shows
I've been kind of binge watching "Power" as of late and I've really enjoyed it. If you like crime and drama, then it's really good. It has 5 seasons and I just finished the second one and it's an amaz...
bad at cs
Take some days off, watch your demos, spot what mistakes you are making and try to fix them. But before you do that, take a break. 3 or 4 days. It always helps.
Magisk for NAF. Magisk is putting up better numbers than him and winning everything along the way.
G2 at the major
Could be.
G2 at the major
I actually think G2 will do well at the Major, they will have a lot of time to practice (they won't be at Dreamhack) and they have shown some good things already. They might even make the top 8.
eUnited vs compLexity
Wow, what an ace from yay.
There's no "best NA roster" without NA's best player, autimatic.
Top 8 major
1. Astralis 2. FaZe 3-4. fnatic/Na´Vi 5-8. MIBR, mousesports, Liquid, Cloud9
VP future raises questions
Snatchie will improve them, but their problems will be far from solved. If byali can pick up some form, then the trio of byali, MICHU and snatchie could potentially be pretty decent, but that's a big ...
c9 styko
They won't sign him unless he does so well that the organization is impressed and signs him, but that's not going to happen. There's a reason why they have signed Golden permanently and not STYKO. It'...
Logan Paul v KSI
KSI because Logan Paul is an insufferable little prick.
Best players on each team in top 30
Astralis - device Na´Vi- s1mple FaZe - NiKo Liquid- ELiGE Mouz - suNny BIG - TabseN MIBR - coldzera fnatic - KRIMZ NRG - CeRq TyLoo - BnTeT North - valde G2 - KennyS NiP - f0rest ENCE - sergej OpTic -...
Worst player on each team in top 30
Astralis - Xyp9x (just because the others are just VERY good with 2 of them being in the top 5) Na´Vi - Edward (Zeus is a great IGL and is one of the reasons for their huge rise, Edward makes a lot of...
Why no invite to Na'Vi in Chicago tournament???
They received an invite, they just declined it because they don't have enough time to practice or something like that (they explained on social media). Astralis have done the same thing before.