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South America decision-making, can you help?
Dude, the grand capitals are always nice here in south america, not always the best options if what u want is toursim, but in living standards and safety they're the best option. My brother is living ...
Fallen leaves SK
i dont think a team with fer and rain wud work, same reason that they "had problems" with felps and fer in the same team, its good players, but not the best roles u cud get, u need to balance the team...
FalleN rekts haters
where did u get dat 0.98? cant find it anywhere
MuTiRiS is good or shit?
no, spain or england wud have discovered it so chill out :)
Rain budget fer
he doesnt need to know, he pushes everyround and does his job lol
jungle in your language
Top 2 AWPers in your country
Top 2 AWPers in your country
dude, stoping fuckin looking to the stats, and see the games plz, u're being plain stupid, u cant even count how many rounds taco saved sk throughout this tournament, did ur dad hit ur head when u wer...
Taco MVP?
if u saw the game, u wud have seen how many times TACO saved sk' arses :)
[+18] Best president
Yep, i'm facist, i was supposed to be offended by that? lul
ferGOD smurfing against EU nbs
Its not about skill, the way i see they have enough firepower with kng, fnx, hen1 and lucas, bit just need to focus in making good calls and they're good, i wud prefer someone with better aim, but the...
[+18] Best president
He watchs tv too much, dont mind him, these guys doenst even know what the militarys did in their government.
[+18] Best president
nice flag.