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Gold Pickem
my 6. pick'em now and got my first gold and it felt just too easy to be happy about it. One of the worst majors for the viewers
Humble Monthly?
you pay for 12 and get 13. And yes, you pay upfront.
Humble Monthly?
I think you know the answer to that ;)
Humble Monthly?
I think it showcased civ and i surely would have bought it if i knew life is strange was in there too
Humble Monthly?
There are the early unlock games (tales of berseria etc this month, totally worth it imo) that you get instantly if you get this months bundle and later on you get all the other games (mostly indie ga...
Humble Monthly?
I've got a 3 month plan and always skip the month if I don't like the game that you see at the beginning of the month. It's mostly worth it if you like the games.
Xyp9x new AWPer
what the going is fuck on? :D mad astralis?
Xyp9x new AWPer
I'm pretty sure gla1ve is the new awper
Life or CS:GO
kill a man and then kill myself because I still have to play cs
You literally melt in the sun here. I like sunny weather, but this is torture
Skins = cringe???
Steam Game Keys
Thanks, I got Bioshock unlimited and wwe2k19
9th satanic statement: Satan has been the best friend the Church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years.
that's why I wrote he has to go oldschool I was pretty interested in their ideas and views some time ago and i have to say, I can identify myself in that much more than in most other religious groups...
FACEIT Major predictions
same, I was like, why the fuck did he forget Faze and Fnatic and then I took a better look at the teams...