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You need head drilling
broke up with gf
How likely that she will be in bed with a friend of yours within 2 weeks?
Best team of all map
most popular sports/esports in your country
Walonian spotted, Can not even comprehend sentences. If you could read you would have seen that he asked for a "sport " as well as most popular "e-sport". E-sport meaning a computer game where you ca...
Serving in military
Some libtards perhap look down on army people. But pretty much everyone dislikes US army I guess. Another known fact is that US military personell is often behind other countries staff. But not much o...
most popular sports/esports in your country
Hehe Cricket is for retired people in their 80's. Relaxing at the home for old people. Much like boule in France. At least you got lacrosse, good for you!
most popular sports/esports in your country
Cricket haha, that is not even a sport.. Nice try Rahul. Sweden - Football/CS GO
To be fair I think the odds should be 50/50. So I guess it's not a bad move to go for Attax if u can get 2,60-2,70
Enyoy vs Kinguin
It's an interesting game for those following Enjoy. Here is their chance at a tier 2 opponent. Not saying enjoy have to win, but if they put up a real fight then it would be an indicator that they are...
Enyoy vs Sprout
I think there were still good players back then. More then ever in history of CS I would say a big difference today is the organisation itself. If you can have one coach, one mental coach, one video ...
Enyoy vs Sprout
Enjoy trying to figure out what's causing them to loose against tier 3 teams over and over again. At the end of the day I suppose their biggest issue is failing to accept the fact that they do not hav...
Germany full of contradictions
nt ahmed
Who the fuck wants to live in Finland? Seriously, I'm not trying to deny Finland has low crime etc. Just saying seriously.. Anyone would rater go live in Portugal than Finland.
Porto sounds better, you going to design clothes or what?
Germany full of contradictions
Well you are right mr. I myself trying to crawl some steps up on the pyramid. However it's unlikely I reach the 1%. Still like you say, it's always nagging me knowing that people are so easy to distra...