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Which country has the worst accent?
French accent allows us to fuck every american girl we see
ugiest country flags
This isn't a christian cross cunt
Ranking system is shit
You understand me
Ranking system is shit
This is #12 at the moment and this week , not #12 team of 2018 are u stupid ?
Oh yes they will get invited , and if not they'll win 2-0 vs ENCE at the final of qualifier
Ranking system is shit
Swiss system is bad
Ranking system is shit
Col only won bo1's vs meh teams , LDLC won 3 bo1 in a row vs #6 #8 #18 and lose a bo1 14-16 vs #4 , and liquid won luckily 2-1 vs ldlc it could be 2-0 for LDLC you understand ?
Ranking system is shit
ENCE were #12 too and they absolutely did nothing. LDLC won 3 bo3 in a row vs t1/t2 teams in A BIG EVENT they could win vs liquid and faze but cs is a bit of luck and LDLC didn't had Luck :/ #12 is ...
Are you stupid ? Dh open is a tier 4 event , IEM CHICAGO is the best event after the major
And it was in the loser bracket while they only lose 1 bo1 , they could win vs liquid it wasn't a fluke piece of shit
They didn't lose , they forfeited because of IEM Chicago , they lost in a bo1 vs faze only 16-14 so they could win , they won vs renegades , north , nrg in bo3 , and they could win vs liquid but they...
most legendary ORGs in CSGO
C9 is legend m8 shroud , ska , stew , tarik , auti , rush
First CSGO Muslim Team
Haram nickname
Real FR superteam
Where is the fucking igl
Real FR superteam
ALEX is in the french scene , alex live in france since 2005