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BIG should go international
it seems like english is hard enough for him already, i really doubt he will learn german any time soon
BIG should go international
i agree but xantares learns german atm and their plan is to go full german + xantares so rip german cs for another year or two my only hope is sprout
Your monitor?
their names are pretty random tho
I r8 your ENCE meme
Flakes of snow slowly fall covering the rooftop of a small hospital in Helsinki . A gust of cold wind sneaks its way inside from the partially open window as a nurse closes it. Inside lays awake Allu...
both options are fine, just not what they are doing right now
1v9 players
Best german team
either this (assuming spiidi is IGL) or -spiidi +mirbit/nex/ maybe even tizian and tabsen as IGL has to be the best possible lineup
BIG fix idea
yeah, remove him for faven and you have probably the best german team possible
BIG fix idea
gobb as rifle on the team < any other team
BIG fix idea
any lineup with gobb as a normal player will be trash, he is way too easy to abuse
BIG fix idea
syrson tabsen k1to faven syrson and either an IGL (pls not gobb) or tizian (and tabsen IGL) could work out and be somewhere around top 8-15 imo
BIG fix idea
-denis +faven and i agree
BIG fix idea
you're saying gobb, tabsen (IGL), tizian, syrson, k1to is better than current sprout? gobb, tabsen (IGL), tizian > faven, mirbit, spiidi(IGL)?
BIG fix idea
imo your new lineup would be worse that the current sprout lineup
BIG fix idea
disband -mirbit + tabsen the best for everyone