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Yeah ik, imagine having a osama flair
Man sometimes i wonder how low iq hltv users have
Worst President
yeah, as this isn't like American democracy and doesn't call the shots, I don't mind him being like this... He was a professor on a University before becoming President Here he is, living a normal li...
Worst President
In my country, the president is just a Figure that confirms laws and "smile for cameras, kiss and hugs everyone"... oh, he commands the military, it's just like the Queen of England but she doesn't ki...
sAw vs Salamander
I'm not talking about map pool... I'm talking about this: https://twitter.com/MarinhasGod/status/1263551615539306496
sAw vs Salamander
It's their Daily reminder...
Movistar Riders vs sAw
Raped????? LUL Our worst match result on that Blast was 16-7 against Astralis on Nuke, at that time, a 27-0 map for Astralis. Against Tier1 teams Giants should've been raped and they didn't... Raped...
Movistar Riders vs sAw
No I didn't get pissed about it... maybe about your stupidity, yeah...
Movistar Riders vs sAw
Man, you're dumb AF... Giants were playing against Tier1 teams being #54 on the HLTV Rankings... It was supposed for Giants to go 0-6 and every game was supposed to see Giants getting raped... BUT THE...
Movistar Riders vs sAw
Yes, I saw Giants on Lan... we destroyed old Nip on one of they best maps, and even tho we lost the rest of the matches, it wasn't one sided... Like I said, we lost a lot of evolution with our player...
Movistar Riders vs sAw
we're asking the PT production to include the red circle on the feed so we don't get sued for pornography
Movistar Riders vs sAw
So fk what? Teams improve you know? Just and Stadodo were used to that level of CS... Just like Giants youth... It's a new lvl of CS for most of them, but they will grow up these results, with experi...
Movistar Riders vs sAw
People still don't respect Saw... But they will... soon...
Movistar Riders vs sAw
The thing is, for so many years, our players had to get a day-job and train and play afterwards. 2019 was the first year we had actually profissional players, paid to play on a full time basis... Abo...
sAw vs Real Betis
14:00, May 28
Best of 3
17:30, May 28
Best of 3
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