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Legalization of marijuana in Spain
1g of heroine... About marijuana, it's okay to possess less than 25g
Legalization of marijuana in Spain
It's just not penalized. Even if it's for self-consumism, we can't possess over a certain amount, depending on the drug.
Best GPU for CSGO
RTX 2080
Bolsonaro president
There isn't one...
Bolsonaro president
yes, he was... but also, our country has been a lot lower in finances than with him. Since 1974, we asked for international help 3 times. People losing the money on a simple bank account. Our state b...
Atomic Bombs at Japan
USA Not even top 10 LUL
Atomic Bombs at Japan
How many were under the UN's belt? How many had others countries fighting by their side? They are power hungry, sure... but trust UN if you don't trust Americans
Atomic Bombs at Japan
Iraq soldiers wanted American help... Didn't you see tons of people actually trying to tear down the statue of Saddam Hussein? I'm not saying they're the heroes. I'm saying that when they act on UN's ...
war is needed?
If Einstein is right, 4th World War will be fought with rocks and sticks... because nothing will still stand after 3rd world war
Iberian Union
A different approach just like Catalunya? If both Countries remain independent and start working together, I would agree with that. Other than that, not really thanks.
Iberian Union
Just because of that, you can say portuguese are stupid? We're paying for our ancestors mistakes... If we have corruption? Yes we do... but slowly we're cleaning the country.
Iberian Union
HUH??? D. Felipe I and his lineage were austrians?
Iberian Union
We did it once and it screwed us big time...
Iberian Union
Too stupid? Are you kidding me? Explain that, other than that, you're just racist.
LUL Tyler1 as IGL would be unbearable as he's toxic asf. He would trashtalk Karrigan for giving calls instead of him...