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SAW vs Anonymo
I was referring to the winner of Premier, not this game in specific
SAW vs Anonymo
It's the main qualifier to reach ESL Pro League. The winner gets a place next season.
Sinners vs SAW
Yeah, these teams ask your Booker which team did you bet to make you lose money on Purpose
What do you want them to do? Ban overpass and let Mirage open with little to no practice on the map? Of course everyone is exploiting this, but there's nothing SAW can do except keep improving it.
I agree, Havu has a winstreak that definitly points that... Soon Havu will reach it.
Toughest EU language to learn
XD How can you BR differenciate a "But" from a "Plus"? Also the words you eat half of them as "velho" goes Vei... Bad verb conjugation, either always gerund or wrong verbal tenses... You guys transfo...
Elon Musk
IDK about that, my son wants to be an astronaut so he could go ona space travel. On me, yeah, you can bet I won't do any, unlucky me.
Elon Musk
Why is that? As Starship will be ready for manned flights in 2024 starting first Earth to Earth transportation... Artemis project wil be running by 2025 stablishing the Moon Space Station by then. I...
Elon Musk
Isn't it true tho? You can say I'm fanboying him way too hard... It doesn't change the fact that I'm spitting facts. You're a moroon and you've finally found someone who actuallyknows how to debate...
Elon Musk
Really, how about the billions of dollars saved on reusable Falcon9 rockets to supply and take astronauts to ISS? Isn't it working proof? How about SpaceX rideshare program that is cheaper than any ot...
Elon Musk
While you are trashtalking him, Musk and his team are trying to revolutionize society... Making Spacetravel cheaper and make rockets reusable, make 1 hour flights from anywhere on Earth to anywhere (I...