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sAw vs FaZe
Saw are good on D2, but after they reached top40's on HLTV, teams started to study them. And Faze are just better on D2 than Saw... Saw now just need to keep working hard and improve... 10 months an...
Virtus.pro vs sAw
Wdym? Portugal just beat Sweden without CR7 xD
Godsent laugh thread
https://www.hltv.org/matches/2341704/vitality-vs-saw-blast-premier-spring-2020-europe-showdown https://www.hltv.org/matches/2344203/complexity-vs-saw-dreamhack-open-fall-2020-closed-qualifier Are thes...
See my friend? Here's the 2-0 for Dog Scent xD
Mirage B anchor players
Taco is a great player to watch on Mirage B... He can take care of the site alone giving oportunity for the short guy to help mid. Also, I'll give you a link from a Portuguese streamer aka ex 1.6 pla...
Godsent won't 2-0 Saw, it will always be 2-1 and the W can fall for any team.
Nuke for Godsent? 1st pick a map with 54.5% winrate on the last 3 months and leave 2 maps with 83% winrate unpicked (Overpass/Inferno)? If Saw bans Mirage, Godsent will ban D2 or Vertigo, with the un...
body needs germs and viruses!!!!
Did you know that Covid-19 damages brain cells? https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/09/health/coronavirus-brain.html
Be the best, win more matches.
CSPPA Ranking
Does Germania have any issues with Denmark?
Bottas trash
Not really, Ferrari's budget is even higher than Mercedes, Red Bull is around half and still wins. One of the new rules is to control Wind tunnel runs. Factories usually run wind tunnels 24/7, merce...
Bottas trash
Isn't Toto Wolf the shotcaller?
Bottas trash
It takes several years and versions of a car for it to be a contender for wins... But look at Ferrari, after decades on F1 can still build a shitty car. The main issue isn't just around F1 isn't big ...
Bottas trash
You should've been used to that after Räikkönen's time on Ferrari...