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Debate me
sooooo someone who doesn't realize for the first time in US history - abortion was the leading cause of death in children. Somehow that is good?
The most handsome pro
Dosia - you forget him or are you looking for the 2nd most handsome?
pasha (NO)biceps
Watch for a future change - he is now doing MMA training 3 times a week and crossfit 2 times a week. It was in one of his recent youtube videos.
Zywoo is moving to London to study with Pasha and soon he will be ready for Hollywood.
sexualization/objectification of female bodies
Who cares? - is my argument. Most beaches don't care if you are topless - many cities have rules that allow women to be topless and to feed babies in public. Stupid arguments over boobs.
faze fix
+Zywoo -anyone
Youtube and Twitch have this thing called - CHANGE THE CHANNEL - if you don't want to watch - change it.
Who wants to leave Earth?
To the moon Alice.
Trump liar
Did you think that Mexico was going to write him a check? Do you realize they have seized over $14 billion in cartel money and a bill is working its way through Congress to use this money for the wal...
friberg has given up
New organization I think he is getting paid
Pros you can't hate
yay - guy is always smiling.
And gets re-elected. Trump is winning and it causes the left to melt down.
Help me with a name..
Singapore slings that is a drink you order at a bar
Do you use a Pro's config in game?
Well I chose Shroud based on his well known accuracy. I figured let's see if it helps me. I was really surprised to now be winning 90%+ of the gun fights I would lose in the past. Perhaps some of th...
Do you use a Pro's config in game?
Wanna Be GE also detected.