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I will tell IQ based on nationality
This is very natural, it will form a Gaussian distribution and the peak is probably 100.
I will tell IQ based on nationality
fucking stupid russki nahoy
Eut sufu pct hkh
[15+] #2 Is she giving me signs?
it is also important to remember that the girl might be scared of you as a man, you might need to show you are trustfull in sense that i can't explain myself but you can notice simple people mistakes ...
[15+] #2 Is she giving me signs?
thinking about people's opinion on you, so naive, ohh my god he said he likes her ta ta ta bla bla bla, just don't give a fuck man, in your case they are 15-16 year old kids, i wouldn't even mind 15-1...
[15+] #2 Is she giving me signs?
This guy's talks are serious, it's like having it or nothing. Be a man, take the responsibilities, but of course be carefull like you are now, it is a best thing to think before saying, but you look a...
[15+] Is she giving me signs?
that's the point, why should't he try to fuck her fo f8un
[15+] Is she giving me signs?
Fucking bitches? Are you dumb; these are emotions from love, the girl you are probably going for a long term relationsship, what you need to do try young age love instead of just waiting like me 24 ag...
[15+] Is she giving me signs?
You talking about money too much, what about emotions? Aren't the young age adventures worse it? you gonna die someday and not having anything to remember is like having no history, we all doing our h...
[15+] Is she giving me signs?
Be fucking carefull man, if you really planning long term things or life term things, you are a serious one, but she probably wants young blood age wild sexes that you wouldn't experience never, becau...
girl help
THE MOST HELPFUL COMMENT: don't do anything to her right now, act normal and just keep distance for a while, but do not ignore, time will show her you are trustful
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hollyyy shit
[18+] day 7 nofap struggle
Does it count if blow up while sleeping?
[18+] day 7 nofap struggle
Is it late to give advice?
90% of professional porn is abuse of women?
Ofcourse they are told what they are going to film...