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[18+] juliano FAP MATERIAL
source tho?
Betting sites
Betting sites
I'm from the Netherlands as well i use unibet its pretty wide and has a decent esports section as well.
Amazon Prime Show?
grand tour is great
+18 Video name?
lmao the first girl rushed onto him like his dick was on fire and she was water
4 hours sleep!
I've not gotten more than 4/5 hours sleep per day on average for the last 3 years now i can't say I'm always tired but i definitely don't think its a good thing i've gotten used to it and now its norm...
Major hype gone
it had tech pause's every single match but the crowd made it worth tho energy was insane
even if they lose this match they have still shown that they are a top 5 team they are playing against the team that might just win the whole major so can't say anything off this match.
Worst MAJOR ever ?
uhm the plg major legit had a standard 30 min tech pause every game
sell csgo skins is decent only 5% when payout 0 on selling but not as much people on there then opskins
What number major will this be for you?
kato 2014 so same as this ladd^^ 11th already geez feels like the major have gotten worse over time tho ;/
when you're 4th in world ranking but can't beat tier 3/4 teams online :( it's sad but true will be there next major tho!
OP Skins how long to sell?
^^ if u put a decent price it will sell pretty quick but rare stuff might take some time deff if u want a good price.
First sex?
just turned 15 on vacation with a French girl was hella awkward as she was experienced and i did not know what the fuck i was doing.
if it's not about profit just bet low amounts so u don't lose a lot