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SJWs are not a driving force in american politics lol. you're just talking about liberals in general, and even then you'd be wrong. true liberals/progressives usually get destroyed in elections. The...
Battlefield V
please don't buy this SJW trash. we gotta send a message to them or they'll keep pushing this political shit into our games.
Brussels people
watch out man that airport got bombed, you should probably bring a knife. lots of immigrants looking for weak boys in the streets.
yeah i'd probably kill myself if i had any association with ted fucking cruz
only people who he "rekts" are SJWs who are retarded as fuck and very easy to trap in debates, only little high schoolers with unformed brains find that shit impressive and entertaining. shiparo is ...
you know this kid is an alt-right youtube memer, didn't know they had you weirdos in aussieland
Why is bodyy still on G2?
gay frenchboys, bodyy got a 9 incher and shox isn't letting that thing go.
Why is bodyy still on G2?
inb4 support player excuse
Best major finals?
Boston or Atlanta but I will say Atlanta probably had the better teams playing. Astralis and VP were soooo evenly matched. C9 vs Faze was pretty much which one was gunna choke harder and that ended u...
Your country’s darkest time in history?
I would say the vietnam war. We were fighting a war that we had no business being in, and the only reason we stayed for so long was because of pride. We didn't want to lose so badly that we let thousa...
Your country’s darkest time in history?
what about britian's darkest hour? (good movie btw)
Explain Yourself EU
LUL what are you brain dead or just trolling? muhammand was a child rapist and jesus wasn't even named jesus. all religons are a fairy tale you fucking moron.
Thank you, USA!
Good european dog knowing his place, make sure you stay on your knees while sucking that fat american cock.
Who will win NBA MVP?
stephen curry
india come here
nt chernobyl baby