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Nba predicts day 4 + skin
Pistons Heat Celtics Twolves Spurs Nuggets Jazz Kings
Nba predicts day 3 + skin
Hawks Bucks Pacers Raptors Rockets Mavs Jazz Hornets Warriors
classic wow
yeah i expect a lot of orcs too, can't wait to fear and dot the shit out of them. one good thing about alliance lock is you don't have to worry about paladins cleansing all your dots.
classic wow
warlock, i'm gunna be alliance tho so i'm kinda worried about will of the forsaken in PvP
classic wow
me, what class you rolling first?
2 cheeseburgers 10 piece mcnugget parfait
Americans come here
no thanks, i don't want to have to deal with some annoying ass kid and an equally annoying bitch. the planets already overpopulated enough anyways
Ocasio-Cortez hates Americans
But why would you base your opinion of a current event from things that happened so long ago. Yeah you're right, that happened in the 19th century, we're in the 21st century now. Everyone who took par...
Ocasio-Cortez hates Americans
he never said terrorists and its way more than a handful, they're pouring across, i know several people just in my area that go back in forth over the border with the help of coyotes. i'm not a fan ...
Ocasio-Cortez hates Americans
You're talking about shit that happened hundreds of years ago. I'm not even saying that america is white, i'm not even fully white i'm 1/4th native american. I also know a lot of people who have enter...
Top 5 NBA Players atm
Durant is the 2 time finals MVP and the 4th leading scorer in the league right now, are you high?
Top 5 NBA Players atm
ADs team is trash below .500 though?
Ocasio-Cortez hates Americans
so you're ok with illegal immigration? yeah we're a country of immigrants, like in the 1800s when mass immigration was happening and thousands of people were going through ellis island in the east and...
Top 5 NBA Players atm
1. Lebron 2. KD 3. Harden 4. Kawhi 5. Curry You guys are delusional about AD and Giannis, they still have done next to nothing in the playoffs and they've been in the league for more than a few years...
Top 5 NBA Players atm
simmons lol, not even the best player on his team