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r6 seige
game is boring as hell
r8 Venezuelan Army
ez invade
[18+] Homophobia on HLTV
i approve of it but i don't think it's natural. obviously men were intended by biology to be with woman. i think some men and woman are born gay for whatever reason, but others become gay because they...
KD Lebron Curry PG Giannis Leonard Harden Embiid Kyrie Davis
he's a flopper and he plays no defense, that shit isn't gunna work in the playoffs.
KD underrated as fuck, people just hate him for joining the warriors.
Why tyloo is playing so well
except we didn't "lose", we just left the war and 4 years later south vietnam lost the war? chiner schools must suck
Why tyloo is playing so well
NRG gunna shit all over these chiners like its 1951
fnatic vs Winstrike
fnatic are fucking losers LUL
Apex Legends......
did you even try it? i thought it looked like a cheap knockoff BR at first but its actually plays really nice.
Aug skin
i've had my aug wings skin since 2014 or whenever skins first came out, i love it with some stickers on it. never once thought about replacing it.
Which brs will apex legends kill?
except time, time kills everything
Which brs will apex legends kill?
blackout is pretty much dead now on PC, it's probably still pretty big on console though pubg is already dead in NA and most of europe fortnite will take a hit but it's so big that one game can't ki...
beard no progress
i heard minoxidil can kill cats, i have an old cat that i very much dont want to kill. would suck if she slept on my pillow and absorbed some of it :/ sucks because i could definitely use some to fil...
beard no progress
dont trim for a long time, just dont touch it at all. it might look messy and bad when you're at the inbetween stage but it takes time for any beard to fill out