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Smartest na team
FNS recent career trajectory proves he's not smart, -FNS +n0thing (not an IQL but he's really smart about the game) also would rather have fugly over daps, whole team doesnt have to be IGLs. Being an...
USA = most evil country?
those people are dead bro, that shit happened 70 years ago and yes context matters. if we had to invade then millions of japanese civilians would have died. the japanese started a war then refused to...
oh sorry its bicycle thieves, it's a really good but old italian movie.
scandinavian countries are the worst when it comes to SJWs and feminism though, especially sweden and denmark.
what good movie has italy given us besides the bicycle thief which came out like 60 fucking years ago
lame normie not that wrong tbh
transexuality was never gay
gotta love ladyboys
coldzera hate
hard to build a unique opinion when we're all seeing the same thing, these analysts talk the game to death but its obvious what is going on. cold is almost always last to die, he almost never makes a...
who's gunna lead these brazilian fuckboys then?
coldzera hate
because its funny and he baits pretty hard
As a MiBR fan, I confess
it's just hard to be the best in the world, they're not as hungry as they once were. they should look into getting a sports psychologist like Astralis did because something is just wrong. Team enviro...
Battlefield 4 is fun
hell yeah just upgraded my system, going to download BF4 for the first time in years soon.
i love weed but i wouldnt recommend it for trying to socialize and be normal, if anything it'll make you more anxious in social situations. you could talk to a doctor and get a prescription for someth...
your life in 1 word
just got engaged
so glad he finally proposed to you bro, you guys are gunna make a great gay couple