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-Deadfox +NAF
He's been a great IGL but not a great fragger, the hope would be for them to find someone who can do both
-Deadfox +NAF
I'm not saying I think he's capable of it, I'm saying he may have improved, any igl that's available is worth trying
-Deadfox +NAF
That's why I said trial players, if you can find someone who can IGL as well or better and who can frag better, it's worth the switch.
-Deadfox +NAF
Fugly isn't veteran in the same way as N0thing but he's been at the top of NA since 2014, he's also played decently for them, if they're going to drop someone for N0thing I'd rather them drop daps, an...
C9 Nothing why??
n0thing didn't reject the offer in reality, by the time he could have accepted, he was already locked into the event for mousesports, but mousesports paid a fine in order to play with snax on the rost...
God Bracket for Cologne
eSuba vs fish123
He can't go to the major with BIG, he probably got kicked
Rate my beats!
They're all really good IMO but they seem less like a base for rap and more like a chillstep style beat set
I R8 your IRL name!
I R8 your CS:GO nickname!
I R8 your CS:GO nickname!
Bravado vs FeelsUnderAgeMan
I think feelsunderageman will be kicked cuz too young
I r8 ur dream car
Not really, I want to leave it naturally aspirated, it’s more of a personal thing in regards to the sound of the turbo, but I also don’t think theres a need to have 400 hp as opposed to 330, when most...
I r8 ur dream car
Now I’m working towards this, I have a 97 STO and a 6 liter LS but I like the looks of the ND better, I think it would be a more suitable body for the power to be in
I r8 ur dream car
Ls3 swapped ND miata