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I can destroy any team
LOL, Do you even know how many majors or other tournaments did SK win ?? try finding some facts and figures then speak. its not like one team can rule for 10 years atleast to make an era :D
I can destroy any team
I dont know whether you have any personal issues with MIBR or not but fact will remain same. SK did have an era. They were the best team in the world. Accept it.
Top 5 Support Player 2018?
5 players as a support let me guess: 1) Paul Heyman for Brock Lesnar 2) Shawn Micheals for DX 3) Roman Reigns for The Shield 4) Dolph Ziggler for Drew Mcintyre and Braun Strowman 5) Shane McMahon fo...
I can destroy any team
With having xantares as coach, They will rule for the next 10 years atleast. People will forget about NiP, Fnatic and SK era
Na'Vi trash
Edward really needs to go now because he can't perform that well which is required. NaVi needs coldzera ..
-forsaken +alex_gupta
who ? what does gupta means ?
The one who are praising mc gregor cant even withstand a single abuse on their own family. same thing has been done by khabib ...
Mc Gregor obviously a trash talker took it to personal level. He literally abused his father, called his coach a terrorist and even he attacked his bus. Khabib is calm and a good fighter. He never let...
NiP vs Astralis
Still there's no comparison among Astralis with Mousesports or NIP for nuke ... They are on another level ATM. However no one can stay on top forever, We will see some other team on top after some tim...
NiP vs Astralis
You can't really troll me for MIBR. Being Brazilian doesn't really mean that I'm only supporting MIBR. and yes Astralis thrashed MIBR 16-0 !!!
NiP vs Astralis
I m not using NaVi as an example but rather their strats they used against NaVi. There's no way disrespecting NaVi.
NiP vs Astralis
Did i really mention inferno somewhere ? I was specifically talkin about NuKe !! have you seen Astralis playing Nuke in the Finals. They have tons of strats to counter any team in the world ATM !!
NiP vs Astralis
EZ Astralis. They are so fu**** good in Nuke. Seen that against NaVi .....
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
glave deserved MVP more than Device. He was IGL and was also fragging. Even he had shown the best performance in semi final and final ...
and there were people saying MIBR is back . ROFL !!