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Pistols is nmore shit.give pistol 3 clean round Sk-mouz mirag .6 rounds for mouz on 1 map
Coldzera 49-18
U dont know everwhere except canada 60 iq country Dont say now we have nasa or smth cuz work other ppl from whole world there
im tired of whole csgo every tournoment same teams same matches same map pool same pick map! look c9 and sk clearly cbble inferno mirage
sk always waste time and while remain 20 sec they running apps like last round !izi win izi lost
ez olympics
yea but when some people try write eng but they have some wrong we should read hear a lot clown joke like :nice englando some people like speak their hometown language easy
The most likeable/dislikeable maps to watch?
U know why?u see cbble plays live and u cant see a lot kills just see demo special epl ecs Pro players make every map nice
fnatic vs Gambit
lekro's quad kills deagle was very niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
How to watch the ESL games
wait look gotv!autodirector is perfect and u see 95% of kills
i mean i thought just for us in 3rd world countries stream has buffering!i hope understand my word im not eng
even for u in germany?i thought its just for our countries... look at rushub twich if u dont care to casters...
Should i quit cs
doesnt matter play for fun
kjearbye not magisk! magisk was in north atlanta
0 ping AMA
944 mbps???most speed ive had ever was -600 kbps! best ping 110
zionist F16 jet downed by the Syrian army
One more f15. RIP
live or recorded
Ive changed a little bit now when im watching vod heroic and nip 720p60fps!