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Flusha best swedish igl
I dont know who makes decision in fnatic .kicking lekro and golden was bad ever.after that flusha ! They killed myy team
Best major sticker
just mibr other stickers are same before .liquid london is cute too my best stickers ever are mibr 2019- liquid 2018 - put 4 mibr stickers ON ak47 will be wild gun also i saw good stick...
3-0 teams
fnatic nip nrg have same chance
Who will win this Major?????
definietly astralis!but i wish mibr or fnatic win the major.
Pizza costs 6% of salary
If i am mad .yep
Zeus is NOT a good IGL
4 major grandfinal .i accept hes not good but u cant say mgf is gust based on skilled players
Sad mood
i am from russia ukrain and everywhere u wanna . dont bother urself asshole
Sad mood
who are u lady?
Sad mood
u living in lebanon assume u are muslim and then u dont know u should not bet at all? if u are in other religious so u must accept its part of game .some times u win but a lot of times u loss. anyway ...
Third worlders lmao
start writing to tell us u r rich?ok now u can go drop die
Countries you would never visit
good luck with your country.
Countries you would never visit
why not iran my boy?
coldzera is still GOAT.
coldzera still is great but without your reason .i didnt hear baitimple .
eng ? .please help
eng ? .please help
its in my book its not my fault .im reading "essential word for toefl" it says "having all the information necessary to make a good decision is crusially important" but i think its correct having al...