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Please, mr. troll, check yourself before you wreck yourself.
coL dzera
underrated comment.
woxic REKT thorin
Every word Thooorin wrote are true, as usual. If you would develop a thought process of your own you might realize that. It is fucking moronic to not bring a backup mouse and cry about it. Literally a...
Fifflaren worst worst player ever?
How is this thread not deleted? Unreal.
Thank you Vitality
Absolutely insane. Absolutely insane.
FaZe Nexa
Faze has absolutely no money for CS, which is why they have to play with Neo.
I would rather have a 35% get right for utility than an 85% lekro. Lekro is more overrated than draken, there's only 2 maps he fully understands. That is my opinion.
how the fuck can you guys have lekro in a swedish dream team? is this real life? Obviously flusha, krimz, forest, rez and olof/gtr.
s1mple + ZywOo + NiKo + coldzera + BnTeT
s1mple, elige, zywoo, niko, chrisJ. Anything else would be ignorant.
Ex-pro cheating live
Exactly this. If this happend to me I would've been like "wtf was that?" and then gone back and reviewed the VOD of my stream. This was just the most blatant reaction of all time. I usually don't thin...
s1mple new mouse again
As soon as you get any dirt under your buttons on a wireless logitech, you have to replace the entire mouse. Minor issue of course, no big deal etc.
thx for the appreciation
chrisJ ace is OVERRATED and thats why
This is the most stupid post I have ever read. If anyone on Liquid did a similar ace that round, Liquid would have won the match.
ScreaM still not banned lol
That's just GOTV fucking you. I've seen deagle flicks that doesn't even show on demos. Too few ticks.
f0rest, obviously. The biggest robbery of CS history was not including f0rest in top 20 last year. Carried #4 team in the world the entire year - even when Rez got the MVP f0rest did all the heavy lif...