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Astralis vs Liquid
Do you have autism or something?
Astralis vs Liquid
BIG vs OpTic
Pros cheat and no one notices or it's just a conspiracy theory?
For me it has turned into Tour de France. It's a farce and we all hope that our heroes don't cheat but come on. People were still defending CLG - Subroza despite of the obvious hack so there you go. I...
Cloud9 vs FaZe
Well that bet went down the drain.
wtf blast
Guys give them the feedback on Facebook in a private message. They are quick to respond and need to know that the format is trash.
OpTic vs Red Reserve
Hampus is bananas this game!
OpTic vs Red Reserve
Both RR and OG betters whining :D
I think several pros have cheated or cheat online, and then when they get to LAN they don't use any cheats anymore unless they are severally stupid like Forsaken. Once they have reached LAN tournament...
ENCE vs OpTic
Don't feel bad about ENCE. Both ENCE and Optic played horribly today and if this is their level at IEM then I feel sorry for their fans :(
ENCE vs OpTic
T2 CS hurts to watch :/
ENCE vs OpTic
Holy crap. Both teams need to take a good look at the demo afterwards because there has been so many poor individual plays from both teams.
Legit pros?
Fifflaren & Hunden
EU Come here
Yeah but which God or Gods? There are so many of them.
SK era vs Astralis era
https://www.hltv.org/team/9215/mibr Current rank #4 Peak #1 Time at peak - 58 weeks https://www.hltv.org/team/6665/astralis Current rank #1 Peak #1 Time at peak - 54 weeks So SK/MIBR is the answe...