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Natus Vincere vs Astralis
I thought for sure that Machine said it would be BO5 yesterday evening. Hm... Oh well, BO3 is better for the players and the audience as well. Sitting down for potential 5 hours straight isn't a nice ...
how to sleep 8 hours straight
- Do you spend time in your bed besides of sleeping and having sex? People that also watch TV, play, study and do other activities in their bed can have trouble sleeping. - Are you worried about your...
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
I find it hard to bet. Can't figure out if we are going to see train, mirage or overpass. I think it'll be overpass though making it a cointoss game.
Amen Most non-english speakers suck as analysts - Vendetta is horrible - Pimp is horrible - YNK was beyond terrible. I was bleeding out of my ears every time he was on the desk. - Friberg is a very l...
EmiliaHult destroyed astralis.
+1 Although the acronym makes no sense. It should be "big behemoth woman".
Astralis vs North
Incorrect, the head to head states how at least a core of three players have faced against a core of three players on the opposite team. Check for instance the head to head in this match, which was 12...
Worst politician from your country.
Former ruler Christian IV. What a total idiot.
Worst politician from your country.
He is the counterweight that is going to save Dutch culture and history and not let the country implode. Like him or not, he is the reason why the Netherlands isn't like a suburb in Sweden right now.
Sleeping pills
Use a night filter on your monitor. All the blue light from your smartphone, TV and monitor will keep you awake and screw up your sleep pattern. Programs such as f.lux can help a lot. Windows 10 also ...
Sleeping pills
Don't let it fool you. Steroids and other hormones are also natural, but they can severely fuck the body up. Check the list of side-effects and you'll see it's not empty. In Denmark they aren't allowe...
NORTH 5TH discussion!/
NORTH 5TH discussion
They literally said it themselves in the documentary. Edit: And on top of that, their body-language was very negative towards each other. I don't care what you think.
NORTH 5TH discussion
Snappi and Valde didn't get along that well in Heroic. There was a documentary following Danish CS:GO teams and it was clear that Valde and Snappi had different mindsets.
Job in Denmark
The cost of living will crush any dream you might have of make some money. Many foreign students or guest workers live together or in tiny rented rooms, in order to save money. My advice would be to s...
North vs Heroic
es3tag has made such an incredible transformation since he was brought back as a stand-in for rubino. I'm so glad on his behalf.