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North vs Heroic
es3tag has made such an incredible transformation since he was brought back as a stand-in for rubino. I'm so glad on his behalf.
OpTic vs HellRaisers
Online or LAN? Online I assume but can't see any info.
#1 Assassin's Creed
Swedish fans were celebrating the 1-1 score against Germany too soon. Germany scored a very beautiful free kick in the last 10 seconds of the game.
Fasting for 3 days
This guy did 28 days
Fragsters vs
Fragsters on Overpass? VP is going to win that match-up 9 out of 10 with my masterful shitty analysis.
cs:go dying ?
Ah, so that's why the interest in football, basketball, boxing and etc is dying - because the arena remains the same. Sigh.
best mousepad
I've had _a lot_ of mice, different kinds of teflon and mousepads. Random cheap mousepad, 3M precise mousing surface, Icemat, Icemat black, the very first Steelpad made out of steel, Steelpad 5L, stee...
AGO vs North
athiests come here
"All the gods, demons, dragons, spirits and the claimed afterlives are fake and conjured up by the vivid imagination of humans. All of the gods except my god and claimed magical power of my god, becau...
mousesports vs North
It looks bad at the moment :S
mousesports vs North
North to win
mousesports vs North
Odds 6 if I win! :)
mousesports vs North
Wrong thread :)
North vs
Come on. Navi in CS 1.6 yelling like little cunts at all their opponents has to be the biggest pile of crap ever in the sport.