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Metal songs with sick drums
Astralis vs Renegades
Dupreeh looked tired in the c9 game and his game was off. A mere 10-10 score. If the team has to carry him again then I can easily see RNG win this bo3.
GamePub vs Bpro
Yeah I think I'll skip betting on this one...
How can we make chinese CS better
China is under attack!
How can we make chinese CS better
China will grow larger!
Do you believe in god?
addicted to chewing tobacco
"Hi I am 280 kg and seriously overweight. My heart can't take it and my skin is getting full of stretchmarks. I just can's stop eating sweets and order pizza. If I don't do it at least five times a da...
Family Guy vs The simpsons
Simpsons was excellent the first few seasons when they had good writers. Season 1-10 have many beautiful episodes like these three. It was a show that adults could relate to. Now it's just a show for ...
Do you believe in god?
No, that's not what I wrote. If you can't understand the comment above you then I can't help you.
NoChance vs unknown
Odds were too high to bet against them on train.
Do you believe in god?
What did I just write? If you look past a single god and look at their view towards all other gods then they are atheists towards all the other gods. It is a simple point. They clearly are not atheist...
Most Tolerant Countries
Romania and Lithuania probably. They are very tolerant of receiving stolen goods from other countries that their own countrymen have stolen.
Do you believe in god?
I wrote towards other gods they are atheist which is true.
Do you believe in god?
Definitely. Just think of all the humans that have died in that last 20.000 years. There are hundreds of billions of hot men and women in the afterlife. All of them have lots of sex and they can't wai...
Do you believe in god?
I thought it was quite clear. Gods are a man-made idea and to worship one god or group of gods instead of other gods, in the belief that the other gods are fake and that one worships the only true god...