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everyone depressed!
Hold up everyone! Magic and old fairy-tales is the answer. Let's us all gather and worship a god from the bronze age and our problems will disappear into the thin air.
i think japan won ww2 and we dont realise it
Better to have weebs as your neighbor though than the cult of beheading.
The bald eagle doesn't scream. It's an old movie cliché that people believe because the sound of the red tailed hawk was dubbed over, since it sounds much more impressive and intimidating than the bal...
denmark come here
Dude, not cool.
How u get triggered?
https://youtu.be/KKdKC4ogpCk?t=520 HLTV in a beta version I believe, back in 2001. Good times.
Copenhagen Flames vs Nordavind
STFU noscener
Pimp hate
He is so full of himself, so negative, and he constantly assumes that people are taking the piss on him. As a consequence he is fountain of negativity and a pain in the ass to be around. He clearly ha...
Astralis vs FaZe
Coldzera during the match: "Guys.....I'm getting some heavy flashbacks!"
Rap Gang vs Big Frames
It's so dangerous to bet on those in the bottom of the table, or even the very top with points to spare. You never know when they are going to throw for some easy cash.
Zoni... flame S1mple?
Yeah that's called joking or friendly banter. Danish: "Hvem fanden er S1mple?" Danish: "Ej bla bla bla" English: "Who the hell is S1mple?" English:"Just kidding/no seriously, bla bla bla."
Tricked vs North
Phew! Glad I skipped betting on this match. Hard to call who is going to win when an IGL is missing while a much better fragger is the substitute.
mousesports vs Virtus.pro
Who picks the first map?
Denmark come here
If immigrants would bother to assimilate and leave all the issues from their former country behind them, then everyone would be welcome. Instead they bring their cult religion, their middle-aged view ...
"EG Unlikable"
There are lots of likeable NA players. Take Liquid for instance, Stewie2K is the only toxic person on Liquid. The rest seems like a very nice bunch of guys.