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Liquid - Kick steel
Have fun.. gonna think about the subject, glad people still argue about it.. GL
Liquid - Kick steel
>You are mad at me beacuse i don't want the brazillians in Liquid Am I arguing in favor the brazilians? LUL did you watch summit? did you see how nitro played as a awper? stanislaw didn't work in TL...
Liquid - Kick steel
you are indeed right.. monkey are not related to breed but my point is: most racist people specially on internet use the term monkey to infer black people are monkey and HUMANS ARE NOT APES
Liquid - Kick steel
you would change steel for stanislaw (nothing changes about k/d and stanislaw already IGl TL and they sucked) In recent interview zews says TL is changing to kinda rifle team (aaaaand nitro is a goo...
Liquid - Kick steel
look what you wrote: -steel +stanislaw -nitr0 +( Any decent AWPer ) -zews +seang@res
Liquid - Kick steel
Liquid - Kick steel
dead god LUL so dumb
Liquid - Kick steel
I hope you grow up as a person.. have a good day
Liquid - Kick steel
Liquid - Kick steel
with this roster they won their first tournament.. it's funny how a silver thinks changing lineups and regrouping skill players into a team is the right choice..
Liquid - Kick steel
racism in 2k18 kkkkkkkk I hope you grow up as a person.. have a good day
Liquid - Kick steel
he didn't know the hp about one player and why would you go for 1v3? lul
Keyd fe vs GoHome
coldzera boring playstyle
My point is.. if you say cold is not good you probrably don't understand the pro scene.. in ct side taco usually bait for cold ( and there's nothing wrong with that) and he kills.. that's why he's go...