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corona halloween!
wasting toiletpaper during corona, is a big sin. so sue them and their parents.
RIP Sean Connery
bestest james after james! r.i.p
buying Balenciaga to impress girls?
The best thing u can achieve in life, is the craft of not giving a fuck what other people think about u, and only do and focus whats good for u. u will become a god in your own times.
Gym motivation
discipline is all u need. what else ur gonna do binge watch some series or play video games all day, this won't help u increase ur confidence and look better to create even more confidence. and with a...
Should I go to gym?
well said mate, im sick and tired of ppl in the gym that look like their grandma just died and they dont enjoy any of it. i mean i respect they wanna change their appearance but jesus.
Olof is Back!
its good, olof can go back to his former role and become big fragger dud.
I love Mcdonalds
smashed burger > mc and burgerking burger
Trump is done
in 4 years u will cry about biden just like u cried about bush,clinton,obama. this aint the people that rule ur country. multi billion dollar corporation have long time took over the power of a so cal...
humans smarter than expected!!
but what is ur problem with mask then? is it a authority / rebelious fetish or what? if there is a way to protect ur fellow humans, u should use it.
humans smarter than expected!!
its fine to wear a mask but no one has the right to lock u inside cuz in the end it causes more harm for your immune system.
lol kids get expelled from school if they bully fatties or lesbians or gays nowadays.
this what shocks me,society, makes it mainstream to be fat while its really dangerous.