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comitting suicide
if u wanna commit suicide ur at the bottom of life so u can only go up again but u need to have discipline.
we all brothers!
that's up to you, but if we keep living like we are now, we will just be a goner in 10 -20 years
danish billionaire
just go there and see for urself, its the most beautiful place in asia for sure. stop being dumb and talk shit when u have no clue about anything.
danish billionaire
been there 2 times and it has the best landscapes best views , from any country i have visited and cuz of my work i travel alot. all the temples, all the beaches all the wonderful bays.
danish billionaire
jesus its like the most beautiful country and culture in the world.
R8 girl
if u date smoking girl u like licking smokey pussy.
no time excuse!
no, they are just scared of the unknown and rather bitch 24/7 about their shitty job/life instead of quitting and finding something they love.
girly alcoholic drinks
in most high volume bars u can never get a propper b52 shot, just takes way to much time to layer the kahlua,bailys and gm
Billie Eilish
be marketable and a drug addict and u will step feet into todays music industry, thank to autotune.
girly alcoholic drinks
well there nothing better than a cold beer or a ice cold gin and tonic on a sunny terrace. but u also need good gin and good tonic schwepps literally sucks and is too watery.
girly alcoholic drinks
i work part time as bartender and i everyone just drinks gin and tonic nowadays girls and boys. sometimes females order cosmopolitan and all the fizzy cocktail drinks.
De Ligt to Barcelona for 80 millions euros
well if they stay in ajax they would be but for now they had 1 good season, cmon man. look everyone else who went to real or barcelona with that age.
world debt?
thats so much bullshit man. get 50 squaremeter flat make it look nice and girls will not actually give a shit. cuz the girls that give a shit u should avoid them anyway.
die young?
80% of us already died but not really died, u know what i mean like we just repeat the same task's over and over again and never actually do something to be remembered for.
world debt?
dont take life to serious debt is just a material thing they use to scare and enslave you. never go in debt and u will never have problems. stay happy in 40 squaremeter apartment rather than getting 2...