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Na`Vi + HR replaces
sry but pronax the best free IGL what HR can take :(
FaZe take ...
Ok if u want normal IGL FaZe Clan: -REZ +NEO -NEO +TOAO
FaZe take ...
Lol they kick karrigan because NiKo start be IGL and karrigan play bad for not IGL
INTZ vs BOOT-d[S] (BOOT-d[S] Win)
HellRaisers vs Chosen5
HellRaisers vs Chosen5 (Chosen5 Win)
G2 vs forZe
G2 Esports vs forZe (forZe Win)
AVANGAR vs ShotCallers
AVANGAR vs ShotCallers (AVANGAR Win)
I have "?"
On teams on IEM Major 2019: If compLexity do this replaces for major -ShahZaM; dephh; stanislaw +TACO; freakazoid; n0thing = compLexity: -yay -ANDROID -TACO -freakazoid -n0thing They lose slot? Becau...
I have "?"
Answer = NO? ye?
FlipSid3 be on Minors?
oh. 1st what i want say what 100% FlipSid3 Tactics write this roster but if not. SK, TSM, EPG, Spartak, PENTA take this roster for MAJOR!!! Because 100% takes moneys
FlipSid3 be on Minors?
Only for major 10%. Me not talking about taking on all time. Only FlipSid3 Tactics, EPG and Spartak can do it. TSM, SK and PENTA can't (can only for major on 10%)
CS:GO in 2020
And we take 4 majors stickers and ... 1. IEM Katowice 2019 2. ESL One Cologne 2019 3. ELEAGUE Major 2020 4. DreamHack Tours
FlipSid3 be on Minors?
FlipSid3 be on Minors?
LOL dude u think if team from CIS they can't take them? it's CIS roster but takes Poland guys k1ck Portugal roster but takes Ukrain guys They think not about CIS or NOT! About MONEY!
Sprout vs North
Sprout vs North (Sprout Win) 1. North removed Nuke 2. Sprout removed Overpass 3. North picked Cache 4. Sprout picked Mirage 5. North removed Inferno 6. Sprout removed Dust2 7. Train was left over