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Kinguin vs 5POWER
ez for smooth face adren - QKA haha
Astralis vs AGO
You can read it back. I didnt say or mention that dps and latencry are the same. I said just like. Means playing with 100ping is just like you are just playing with 100-200fps.. If you still didnt und...
Astralis vs AGO
astra won 1-1 . yes why? that is base from my exp so if you didnt exp it. you better shut your mouth
Astralis vs AGO
100ping is still playable. its just like you having a low fps 100-200 . so it doesnt matter at all
compLexity vs Rogue
cadian is the new IGL and awper for NORTH
Natus Vincere vs eUnited
so accurate mate wkwkwkwkwk
MVP PK vs CyberZen
the game is already started how can you call it swaying odds? lol
MVP PK vs CyberZen
stream anyone?
MIBR vs Renegades
that gratata is better than device when facing fallen. Fuck so confident and the fleaks are so fucking insane. So much potential for a guy from aus. Goodluck gratisfaction
mousesports vs fnatic
That is true one of the best but not close to device, fallen and kenny. Better give chrisj the main awper role instead of him keep ong buying scout . He is old..
mousesports vs fnatic
Quit awping Oskar. for fucking sake. Just go switch to coach role.. Watching you awping is like i am watching a silver 2 trying to be the best awper in the world. lmao
Astralis vs G2
just kick that useless e6tenz and +scream and its all good.
MIBR vs Astralis
c9 fanboy cheering for astra. what a bandwagon lmao.
mousesports vs MIBR
MIBR now playing with a coach +100
FaZe vs Natus Vincere
cry is always free if you lose on betting wkwkwkwk